Kundali Bhagyaa Latest Karan Preeta destined connect

Kundali Bhagyaa Latest Karan Preeta destined connect

Kundali Bhagyaa Latest Karan Preeta destined connect Karan gets worried on finding Prithvi unconscious. He didn’t harm Prithvi. He wants to ignite the fire so that he can stop the marriage. Sherlyn thinks if Karan will kill Prithvi. She hides from him. Karan makes a call to get help for Prithvi. He doesn’t want Prithvi to burn in the fire. He hides when the staff comes to help Prithvi. Karan sends Prithvi away. He doesn’t want much fire to spread. He just wants to ignite the place to create chaos. Sherlyn worries that Karan may either see her or trap her in the fire. Karan doesn’t want the marriage to happen at any cost. He puts up the place on fire and goes away.

Sherlyn gets trapped in the room set on fire. She wants to leave and save her life. Sarla gets more shocked seeing the fire. Preeta and Shrishti reach her to help. Janki asks them to take Sarla home and look after her. They get another shock to find the groom Prithvi unconscious. Sarla asks her what happened to him. Karan makes a leave while hiding from everyone. He comes across Preeta. She senses that Karan is around. She recognizes his touch. She thinks he can’t come here. The people shout for help. Rishabh gets panicking when he finds someone stuck inside the door.

He doesn’t know that Sherlyn is inside. Karan and Rishabh rush out of the wedding hall before anyone sees them. Just Sherlyn is the witness that Karan has ignited the fire. She also stays numb since she can’t tell anyone about her presence. Preeta and Shrishti call a doctor Sarla, while Sherlyn gets rescued. Shrishti wonders how did the doctor come so soon. Janki tells her that doctors were available already. Shrishti clears her doubt by asking the doctor about his arrival. The doctor treats Sarla. He tells them that someone informed them about the fire incident and he has come with the rescue team.

Preeta wonders how did anyone inform beforehand. Sarla gets saved. Karan is glad that he has broken Prithvi’s dreams. He tells Rishabh that he won’t tell this to anyone. He makes Rishabh promise also. Rishabh asks him why did he get so late. Karan tells him that Prithvi was lying unconscious and didn’t get bash up. Rishabh is happy for Karan. He wants to know why did Karan get delayed to come out. Karan tells him that he was controlling the damage. Rishabh tells him that he has pre-booked the wedding hall and transferred money to Sarla’s account, he had fixed everything by calling the ambulance and fire engine on time.

He laughs on Karan for buying betels for his cricket team. Later, Sherlyn meets her mom and gets into a heated argument. She wants her mom to just worried for her, rather than Luthras. She cries that she has suffered the burns. Her mom advises her to stay with Luthras. Sherlyn wants her to call Kareena and cover up for her absence.

She doesn’t want to attend Karan’s engagement to hide her burn marks. Rishabh asks Karan to cancel the engagement. Karan doesn’t want to commit anything. Karan and Rishabh lie to Ramona about their important meeting. Karan lies to Mahira. He handles her. Rakhi doesn’t believe her sons. She feels that Karan had gone to stop Preeta’s marriage because of his feelings. Karan gets speechless.

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