Bahu Begum Latest Twist Adil ruins Shayra baby dreams

Bahu Begum Latest Twist Adil ruins Shayra baby dreams

Bahu Begum Latest Twist Adil ruins Shayra baby dreams Shayra gets a big good news that she is pregnant. She gets a new ray of hope. She thinks her baby arrival will be ending all her problems. She gets happiness in her heart. She wants to tell Azaan about their baby. She feels encouraged to fix things before the baby comes in the world. She tells the baby that Azaan had already decided about the baby’s name, Shazaan. Adil scares Shayra. He tells her that he has decided to give his name to the baby. He tells her that the baby name will be Shadil. She asks him to stop his nonsense.

He tells that she is mistaken, Azaan will never accept the baby. He tells Azaan will assume that its Adil’s baby and doubt Shayra. He tells that he wants to name the baby Shadil so that Azaan and his family get hurt. He tells Shayra that he is so happy to become a father. His plan is to break down Azaan. He threatens Shayra about the baby if she dares to run. He tells her that he has the remote by which he can kill Azaan. He asks her not to meet Azaan.

He tells her that her prayers won’t be answered, Azaan won’t be accepting her by believing that the child belongs to him. He asks her to better accept her fate and stay distant from Azaan. Adil compels Shayra to accept his word. Shayra worries for Azaan’s life. Shayra wants to find some way by which she can pass the good news to Azaan without letting Adil know it. Adil jokes that this time the villain will be raising the hero and heroine’s child. He wants Azaan to yearn for his baby. What will Shayra do now, will she contact Noor to seek help? Keep reading.

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