Kumkum Bhagya Coming kidnapping twist stuns Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya Coming kidnapping twist stuns Abhig Prachi gets doubtful of the goons whom she comes across on the way. She informs Shahana about sighting some strange men. Shahana asks her to come home. Sanju’s hired goons find Sunil and try to kill him. Prachi happens to hear the sound and goes there. She witnesses the crime. She is left in shock. The goons see her and chase her. Prachi runs to save her life. Pragya gets a bad sign when Prachi’s photo falls down. She gets worried for her daughter’s safety. She calls Prachi and fails to connect to her.

Shahana and Rishi also worry for Prachi. They console Pragya’s worries. The goons finally catch Prachi and kidnap her to stop her from calling the police. Prachi threatens to get them punished. She isn’t aware of Sanju’s goons. Sanju doesn’t know that Prachi is in danger because of his goons. Prachi lands in deep danger because of her obsessed lover Sanju. How will Ranbir, Abhi or Pragya save Prachi? Keep reading.

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Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara have a sweet moment. Zara has come to stay in his house as a caretaker for the kids. The kids plan to decorate Kabeer’s room with old Zara’s pictures. The kids put the pictures around. Kabeer enters the room and gets to see the pictures. He gets emotional. He cries and misses his Zara. Zara consoles him. He knows she is a good caretaker for the kids. He doesn’t doubt on her way of upbringing. She is more like a friend for the kids. He wants her to be strict towards the kids for their betterment. Kabeer and Zara get into an odd moment, and appear romancing in front of Ruksar. Ruksar hinders Zara’s plans. The kids lock up Ruksar in her room.

Kundali Bhagya



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