Yeh Hai Mohabatein Today Ruhi’s shocking diagnosis

Yeh Hai Mohabatein Today Ruhi's shocking diagnosis

Yeh Hai Mohabatein Today Ruhi’s shocking diagnosis Raman and Ishita spend peaceful time with the family after a very long time. Raman tells the family that he didn’t like Karan much for Ruhi, he is always sticking around when they are home. The family praises Karan for always being with them for help. Raman jokes that Karan looks homeless and stays with Bhallas and Iyers always. He knows that Karan is with them because of his love for Ruhi and family. He likes to tease Karan and tells that he will postpone the marriage. Karan gets worried and requests him to not do it. Ruhi defends her lover Karan.

Karan wants to marry Ruhi as soon as possible. He tells them that he can’t wait more. Ishita tells him that Raman is just joking and everyone is just evident about his feelings. She feels Ruhi is really lucky to get a life partner like Karan, who loves her immensely. Raman has also confirmed Karan’s real emotions for Bhallas and Iyers. He feels Karan is really a gem. Karan misses his mom Sudha. He wants her to be part of the marriage. He wonders when would her treatment complete. Ishita tells them that Sudha would be returning soon since her treatment is nearby completing.

She gives the surprise good news to Karan and Ruhi that the marriage is due in 15 days. Karan can’t get more happier. He thanks Ishita a lot. He hopes Sudha comes very soon. Ishita asks the family to start the preparations and keep everything ready before Sudha arrives. Karan plans a destination wedding in London before.


Ishita and Raman don’t agree with his idea for several reasons. One reason being Ruhi and Raman’s emotional bond with their house. Raman wants to get Ruhi in his own house, as he got Adi and Aaliya married. Ruhi looks for Ishita. Ishita cherishes Ruhi’s childhood memories and toys. Ruhi hugs her. They get emotional while recalling their old moments. Ishita tells her that she has kept everything safe to give to her grandchildren. She wants to pass Ruhi’s toys to her children. She tells how Ruhi came into her life like an angel and changed her complete life. She thanks Ruhi for bringing Raman into her life.

She feels she would have not got anyone better than Raman, who loves her so much. Ruhi also wants Karan and her bond to be like Ishra bond, very strong and true. Ishita wishes all the happiness to Ruhi. Karan joins them and gets to see Ruhi’s little toys. He happily plans a baby soon after marriage. Ruhi disagrees to his early plans. Karan wants to give her right to decide to. They have sweet moments, while Ishita pulls their leg. Karan keeps the toys for his children. Ruhi gets a call for an urgent meeting. Karan tells her that she should go and finish her work.

He doesn’t want her to skip her work or take her career easy. He tells that he will be her back up and finish the shopping. Ruhi and Karan’s bonding makes Raman glad. Raman is happy that Karan is so understanding and supportive of Ruhi’s career and work. He wishes they always stay happy.

Ruhi gets ready for her important meeting. Karan keeps his promise and shops the beautiful sarees on her behalf. The Bhallas are sure that he is madly in love with Ruhi. Shockingly, Ruhi collapses down on the road after experiencing severe stomach pain while driving. She calls Karan for help, but fails to connect. She faints on the road. She gets help from a doctor, who rushes her to the clinic. Ishita experiences a bad omen. She gets the entire family and thinks just Ruhi is missing. She wants to call Ruhi.

She gets informed from the doctor that Ruhi fainted on the road and is now admitted in her clinic. Ruhi’s problem gets diagnosed. The family rushes to meet Ruhi at the clinic. The doctor breaks the news that Ruhi can never conceive. This shocks Raman and Ishita. Sudha arrives there to meet the doctor. Raman and Ishita don’t hide the matter. They are afraid that Sudha will break Ruhi and Karan’s alliance. What will Sudha decide? Keep reading.

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