Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Distinct endeavours

Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Distinct endeavours

Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Distinct endeavours Sikandar tries to help Vijaylaxmi and bring her out of her depression. He wants her to resume her normal life by breaking the old moment. Kulfi tells him that its important to go to Chandnaur. Sikandar tells her that its more important to help Vijaylaxmi. He regrets to come in Tony’s words and accept his deal. He tells her that he should have believed Vijaylaxmi’s talent and accepted her deal. He feels responsible for her state. He wants to make Vijaylaxmi’s album and get her successful. Kulfi asks him how would be recreate the old moment. He tells her that its possible. He meets some old artists whom he knew before.

He tells them that he wants to create the same situation and bring Vijaylaxmi out of the past. He asks them to support him. They hear Vijaylaxmi singing. Sikandar takes them to her house. Kulfi knows that Sikandar will not stop until he rectifies his mistake. She lets him get his peace. She wants to help Sikandar so that she takes him to Chandnaur. Kulfi brings out the truth and insists his old friends to sing along. Sikandar gets the instruments. He wants them to accompany him. Kulfi finds it hard to normalize Vijaylaxmi.

She asks Sikandar how will they compose the song. She comes up with ideas to assist Sikandar. He tells Kulfi that they have to record the album and launch it. She thinks it will take much time till his motives get fulfilled. She wants to take him to Chandnaur soon and save his life, knowing he just has one month time to find the cure. Sikandar tells Vijaylaxmi that her album will be a big hit. Kulfi cries for his ending life. Sikandar doesn’t care for Lovely’s bothering. Kulfi fails to tell him her plans.


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