Star Plus Shocking Jinn creates havoc Aman loses family

Star Plus Shocking Jinn creates havoc Aman loses family

Star Plus Shocking Jinn creates havoc Aman loses family Aman is terrified with the sight of his family’s death. Tabeezi alerts them of the upcoming danger, but Parveen opposes her. Tabeezi wants Parveen to listen to her and not risk the family’s life. Tabeezi tells Aman that the Jinn will come to kill his family and take Aman away. She asks Dadi to protect Aman at home by chaining him and keeping him away from the effects of the red moon, that would be surfacing from the earth on Jinn’s command. Dadi gets a huge shock knowing Jinn’s powers. Jinn gets the red moon out to strengthen his evil powers.

Parveen doesn’t believe Tabeezi at all and is stuck in the past. She ousts Tabeezi, who struggles to protect Aman. Tabeezi asks them not to open their door for anyone, under any circumstances. Tabeezi prays that they stay fine. Parveen doesn’t listen to anyone. Aman finds the red moon and fire rain attracting him. Dadi quickly chains him to stop him from going to the jungle. Aman turns into a devil. He gets worried for his family. The family chains Aman as per Tabeezi’s advice. Aman wants to get free with the help of Baazigar.

Dadi doesn’t want him to go anywhere. She asks Baazigar to obey her and not help Aman. Baazigar enters his cage. Roshni learns about Kabir’s evil intentions when she finds her hair clips in his house. Jinn takes Ada’s avatar to reach Aman’s family.


He knocks the door and asks for their help. Dadi doesn’t want to help Ada, and recalls Tabeezi’s advice. Parveen makes a huge mistake by not believing Tabeezi. She tells that Tabeezi was misleading them. Her hatred for Tabeezi makes her blind. She gets Ada inside the house.

Jinn lies to the family and wins their confidence. Jinn shocks Aman by telling his plans to kill his family. Dadi finds real Ada out of the house. She realizes the danger. Roshni senses Aman is in problem. She shouts for help. She gets locked up by Kabir. She realizes Kabir is evil. She calls Chotu to know about Aman. She realizes about Kabir going to kill Aman’s family. Jinn creates a havoc and kills Aman’s family members one by one. This creates a moment of terrible pain for Aman, who witnesses this.

Roshni breaks down seeing the family members dying by the Jinn’s hands. Jinn tells Roshni that he will kill even Chotu. Roshni and Aman beg him to spare Chotu’s life. Roshni runs to save Aman, after he losing his entire family. Roshni will be facing the danger to save Aman’s life. Aman will realize Roshni’s genuine concern. He will fall in love with her. Roshni will be making an interesting comeback as Ayana again.

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