Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry for Sikandar Kulfi wants to surprise Amyra. Lovely plays another trick against Kulfi. She doesn’t mend her ways and holds the same annoyance for Kulfi. Kulfi and Sikandar just wish good for Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra pack their bags. Lovely wants Sikandar to focus on building his new company rather than vacation trip. She hides his identity cards. Sikandar asks her if she has seen it. She lies to him that she didn’t find anything. Kulfi cries on seeing the new problem. Sikandar tells her that they will soon go on the trip, he will make new IDs in a short span. Kulfi talks to Nimrat. She tells that she has lost her mum, and can’t afford to lose his dad.

She asks Nimrat to help her and make her take Sikandar to Chandnaur. Sikandar gets dreaming about Nimrat. He feels he isn’t fulfilling Kulfi’s wish. He apologizes to Nimrat and feels guilty. He wants to fulfill Kulfi’s wish and take her to Chandnaur. He thinks its his responsibility to take Kulfi to Chandnaur. He surprises Kulfi and Amyra by telling that they will be going to Chandnaur by road. They get excited for the road trip. Kulfi is thankful that Sikandar agreed to take her to Chandnaur. She thinks of the days left. She hopes that everything gets fine after she takes Sikandar to Chandnaur.

Sikandar takes his girls with him. Lovely learns that Kulfi is already aware of Sikandar’s illness. She wants Sikandar to save his time and spend it wisely by making their future. She doesn’t want him to go to Chandnaur. She doesn’t know the reason why Kulfi is insisting him. She wants Sikandar to just stay back. She stops Sikandar and tells him that his ID pouch is there itself. She asks him if she can come along with him. Sikandar agrees and is happy to have a family trip. She wants to create hurdles and stop them from reaching Chandnaur.

She changes the route in the GPS to fail their plans. Sikandar sings while he drives to Chandnaur. He realizes that they have taken the wrong route. He gets tired and wants to return home. Kulfi insists him to take her to Chandnaur. He tells that maybe they have come there for some reason. He recalls his college time. Lovely wants to keep him engaged. Kulfi is restless since she wanted to go to Chandnaur soon. Sikandar speaks about his friend Jogi. He misses Jogi. Jogi’s entry will be happening and surprising Sikandar.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Kundali Bhagya


  1. Agree, Lovely can serve many years in prison, but will remain evil. Take her out!
    It’s stupid, but one could foresee this coming. Let Sikandar live, the whole story is about Kulfi and Sikandar. Most disappointing if this is the end. Don’t want to see a grown-up Kulfi or Amyra without Sikandar. End the show

  2. Lovely will spoilt our plan oh I don’t know how to react if sikandar dies…kulfi will b left all alone since lovely doesn’t love her up to now

    • Why kill sikandar when the plot is about him and his lovely daughter kulfi? The character of Lovely is menacing. Amyra can change cos she’s a child. Obviously Mohit is upset about the production now…going by his comments.

  3. The producers seem to have lost the touch to the actual plot which is showcasing a prodigy…sikandar’s daughter,kulfi. The entire plot needs to be revisited. “I cannot cope with grown up kulfi and Amyra” either just like mohit has said.
    Why should kulfi continue to suffer like this and for so long? When will she get some respite? Mohit must remain in the cast. Killing the character sikandar will be the biggest blunder to this fine and superb story. Work harder crew. This is a story for the century. It can run for more than 10years with the same crew ….

  4. Do not kill the character sikander. A grown up Kulfi without Sikander would not be interesting and Kulfi should at least he made to be happy with her dad before the series ends.


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