Beyhadh Rudra intrigued Maya drives Rishi crazy

Beyhadh Nandini dies Maya turns ferociously dark

Beyhadh Rudra intrigued Maya drives Rishi crazy Maya scares Rudra further when he gets claustrophobic. She tells him that he would be soon dying in the darkness and not be knowing about. She then inspires him to fight his fears. She tells him that he has to get the inner hope from within. She asks him not to lose. Rudra recalls watching Mrityunjay with his lover. She asks Rudra to leave all his fears and overcome the associated pain. Rudra finally breaks open the lift and overcomes his fears.

Maya is all smiling after watching her words making an impact on his mind. She plays the next mind game with him. She is sure to become part of his life slowly. She wants Rudra to make her his unavoidable need. Rudra gets a fresh lease of life. He had been fighting his fears and losing until Maya came in his life. Rudra recalls his first love, whom he lost. He stands under the rain and gets cleansed from his phobias and pain. Maya reaches him to leave her strong positive impression. She wants Rudra to fall for her, knowing she is complex. She tells Rudra that just he should have the rights to hit him by any emotions, hatred or love. Rudra gets impressed.

On the other hand, Mrityunjay tells Nilanjana that he is much worried for his mum and children. She asks him not to control them. Antara asks him where does she stand in his life. He tells her that she doesn’t mean much to him. She gets much upset on hearing his bitter words. Elsewhere, Rishi gets angry on his friend who jokes that Rishi’s lover had dumped him. Rishi gets mad for Maya. He can’t hear a word against her. He wants to meet Maya. He is sure that she loves him. Rudra spends time with Ananya. He tells her about Maya, who is just like an intriguing book. He feels he can’t be at peace without reading Maya’s personality well. He wants to know more about her.

Ananya asks Rudra about their investor Maya. She finds her a good combo of beauty and brains. Rudra finds Maya very mysterious and surprising. Ananya asks him if he has fallen in love with Maya. He denies it. She wants to know if he is hiding something. He doesn’t want her to get jealous. He tells her that he was happy seeing Maya bonding with Antara.

Maya doesn’t want her mum to call anyone and reveal their matter to make it a weakness. She doesn’t want her mum to connect to Rudra. He finds Maya’s mum very sweet. He wants to talk to her. Maya clears that she can’t turn weak. Maya’s mum asks her to move on in life. Maya dumps the already broken phone into the water jug.

She doesn’t want to permit anyone to enter her life. Rudra tells Ananya that Maya loves her mum a lot, she is much different when she is with her mum. He likes her family girl avatar. Maya takes care of her mum, who asks her to believe in positive people and forget the bitter past. Maya doesn’t think of it. She watches Rishi’s threatening suicide video. She wants to meet him. Rishi meets her and decides to propose for marriage. She influences him against his family. He accepts that he loves her and will do everything on her command. He promises to support her. Maya accepts his proposal to move on in her plan.

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Kundali Bhagya


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