Kahaan Hum Starplus Pooja Rani Shocking aftermaths

Kahaan Hum Starplus Pooja Rani Shocking aftermaths

Kahaan Hum Starplus Pooja Rani Shocking aftermaths Sonakshi learns the shocking truth that Rani is Pooja’s mother. She doesn’t believe it easily and does everything possible to confirm it. She goes to meet Rani and confront her. Sonakshi tracks Rani’s address. She meets Rani. She returns the bag. She asks Rani about Pooja’s adoption file and pictures. She suspects if she wants to do anything wrong with Pooja knowing she belongs to a rich family now. Rani worriedly tries to hide the truth. Sonakshi doesn’t listen to her. She threatens her. She is mistaken that Rani wants to harm Pooja.

Rani breaks down and tells that Sippys always threaten her knowing she is Pooja’s mother. Sonakshi can’t believe this. Rani tells that Rohit is also aware of the truth. Sonakshi doesn’t think its true. She tells that it maybe a plan to claim Pooja. Rani tells Sonakshi that she is really Pooja’s biological mother. She tells that Pooja’s real dad gave a thank you letter to Nishi at the time of adoption. She admits her mistake to get pregnant out of wedlock. She tells that she was too young and didn’t think well before having a relation.

She tells Sonakshi that she couldn’t raise Pooja in the state of poverty and saving her from the society taunts. She didn’t wish Pooja to be called an illegitimate. She is thankful to Nishi and Yash for accepting Pooja and giving her much love. She wants Pooja to stay happy with Sippys. She tells Sonakshi that she has seen Pooja and just wants to embrace her once to take their memories along. She promises to never bother Pooja or Sippys. Sonakshi doesn’t think Rani is saying the truth. Rani asks her to ask Yash about the truth. Sonakshi gets confused and calls Akash and Deepa.


She gets the papers checked. Deepa tells that the papers are genuine. She also wants to meet Rani to know about Pooja’s dad. Sonakshi takes Akash and Deepa to Rani’s house, where they confront Rani about Pooja’s father. Rani doesn’t want to disclose the name. She lies that Pooja’s dad is dead. Akash and Deepa believe Rani. Rani begs Sonakshi to meet Pooja once. Sonakshi buys some time. Rohit explains Pulkit to be careful in prescribing medicines. He calls Sonakshi to know about her health. He calls Veena and finds her in terrible mood. Veena had an argument with Suman. She doesn’t want to talk to him.

He calls Sonakshi again. He finally connects and asks where did she go when she isn’t fine. Sonakshi lies to him. She wants to tell about Rani. Akash and Deepa stop her from revealing anything. They tell Sonakshi that if Rohit had hidden the matter for so long, then there would be some big reason for it. They decide to find out the reason first before revealing the matter to Pooja. On the other hand, Rohan calls Pari on pretext on an audition. He meets her to know why is she avoiding her. Pari breaks down when he thinks she hates him. She admits her mistake.

She tells him that she is responsible for Pooja’s suicide attempt. She reveals to leak the news to Tapasya. Rohan forgives her. Pari gets surprised by his reaction. Rohan admits his love to her. Pari is very happy to get his trust and support. They romance keeping their affair a secret. Sumit is worried that Sonakshi may face troubles when the rain dance sequences airs in the next episode.

Netra doesn’t think it will be a big issue. She wants the show to be a superhit. Akash and Deepa want to talk to Nishi and Yash about Pooja’s dad, so that they don’t make any mistake. Sonakshi will take a big step to unite Pooja and Rani, with a belief that Pooja will never leave Sippys. What will be Pooja’s decision after meeting Rani? Keep reading.

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