Yeh Rishta Today Truck surprise adds twists Kaira Sangeet

Yeh Rishta Today Truck surprise adds twists Kaira Sangeet

Yeh Rishta Today Truck surprise adds twists in Kaira Sangeet Naira believes Vedika and rushes to the dance academy to sort out a fight. When they reach the academy, they don’t find any such incident. Naira wonders who had called Vedika to inform her. Vedika asks Naira to believe her, she really got the call from a girl. The manager tries to find out the caller. Naira asks Vedika not to worry and let her find out. Naira waits there for some time. Dadi suspects Vedika again when the puja pot get missing. Suwarna asks Dadi not to blame Vedika for everything.

She tells that if Vedika is innocent, then it will be much wrong to suspect her. Manish asks Dadi not to doubt on everyone being in a state of fear. He tells that if Kartik knows her fears and suspicion on Vedika, he will be hurt. He asks them not to sink Kartik’s happiness by being worried all the time. Dadi feels helpless since the fear isn’t getting away from her mind. Manish tells that they have lived with Vedika for much time and know her well. Vedika apologizes to Naira for unknowingly spoiling her special day. Singhanias reach Goenka mansion and await Naira. Kartik and Dadi ask them about Naira.

They learn that Naira had gone to the dance academy for some emergency because of Vedika. Dadi gets angered that every time Vedika’s name is coming out in every matter related to Kaira marriage functions. She doesn’t want her doubt to be true. Naira tells Vedika that she isn’t suspecting her. Vedika tells that maybe Akshat is responsible for this. Kartik tracks Akshat and finds out that Akshat is at some cafe. He tells Manish that the guard is keeping a watch on Akshat, he isn’t involved in anything. Naksh and Kartik try to call Naira, whose phone is inside the locked car.


They call the manager and learn that Naira has already left for home. Everyone waits for Naira. Kartik happily meets Kairav and Vansh. They happily play games and dance to kill the boredom. They wait for Naira. When it gets late, they start worrying. Dadi feels that Vedika doesn’t want the marriage to happen. Vedika acts sorry and wastes more time at the academy. Naira doesn’t know if its intentional. Naira finds her phone inside the car. Vedika gets locked. When she shouts for help, Naira runs to her rescue. She tells Naira that her phone’s battery is down.

Naira tells her that she lost the car keys. She wonders how will they go home now. Vedika suggests that they will take lift from a truck driver. Naira doesn’t know if its safe to take lift. Vedika asks Naira to trust her. She tells Naira that she didn’t intend to make her reach late. Dadi gets hyper when Naira and Vedika don’t return. She asks Kartik to go to the academy and find Naira, who maybe in some trouble. Kartik rushes to find Naira.

He gets surprised when Naira returns home. Naira finally makes it. She gets the decorated truck home. They celebrate in their unusual way. Kartik and Naira perform in their Sangeet right inside the truck and then shifting the function to their house. Goenkas and Singhanias enjoy their most in the Sangeet ceremony. Dadi’s doubt on Vedika doesn’t get cleared. Who would be involved behind the incident, Vedika or Akshat? Keep reading.

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