Kasautii Zindagii Starplus Prerna first ever super bold step

Kasautii Zindagii Starplus Prerna first ever super bold step

Kasautii Zindagii Starplus Prerna first ever bold step Komolika attempts to stab Prerna. She finds Anurag entering the ICU again. She hides from him in a moment. Prerna gets semi-conscious. She tries to sign Anurag about Komolika hiding behind. He doesn’t understand her. He asks her to try to say. She tells him that she doesn’t like being in the hospital, she wants to go home. He tells her that she is safe and recovering as well, she should be there for a day. She bounds him in a promise. He gets helpless and understands that she is insisting for some reason. He takes Prerna by removing the drips. Nurse stops him from his shocking move. She asks him if he doesn’t know that Prerna needs treatment.

She warns him against taking the patient without doctor’s permission. He tells that Prerna isn’t feeling better at the hospital, its her decision to leave. Nurse blocks his leaving. Anurag takes Prerna back to the ICU where Komolika is finding chance to kill her. Anurag thinks of Prerna’s request. He doesn’t delay and takes Prerna on the wheelchair to quickly make an exit. Even when the nurse stops him, he doesn’t listen to anything and rushes away. Komolika rages that she missed Prerna.

Shivani finds Ronit at the hospital. Ronit apologizes to Somesh. Shivani suspects that Ronit is trying to harm Prerna. She runs to Prerna and finds her gone. Anurag informs Shivani that he is taking Prerna with him on Prerna’s insistence. He wants to get her treatment resumed at Prerna’s house. He asks her to inform Prerna’s gynaecologist. Shivani is relieved that Prerna is safe with Ronit. Anurag is glad to see Prerna calm. He tells her that he has done something wrong on her word but isn’t feeling guilty since its for her happiness.

He connects with her. Anurag gets Prerna home. Prerna’s doctor examines her and tells Anurag that she is on heavy medication. She asks him to be relieved that Prerna and baby are fine. Prerna requests Anurag to always be with her. Anurag wants to be with her. His heart beats for her. He feels compelled since he is married to Sonalika. He doesn’t know their connection. He promises to be with her. Anurag and Anupam talk about the shocking accident. Anurag tells about Prerna’s doubt on the deliberate accident move. Anupam tells him that Prerna was attacked before and she is really in danger. They want to find out who is after Prerna’s life.

Anurag promises to protect her. The truck driver blackmails Ronit for money. He threatens to go to the police. Ronit informs Komolika about the driver’s daring. She asks him to give another chance to the driver by assigning the same task of killing Prerna. Anupam finds the truck and informs Anurag. Anurag decides to nab the driver and know the name of the person hiring him. Prerna heads to Basu house to confront Komolika.

Mohini blocks her. Prerna admits that she loves Anurag and will not sacrifice his love. Prerna slaps Komolika and tells that she will not tolerate any threat on her baby. She reveals about Komolika trying to kill her baby twice. Mohini gets shaken up knowing the ugly truth of Sonalika. Prerna gives a bold daring answer to Mohini and Komolika. Prerna will now expose Komolika’s true colours to Basu family.

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