Kumkum Bhagyaa 3 star twists Ranbir Pragya Prachi

Kumkum Bhagyaa Prachi shocking decision today

Kumkum Bhagyaa 3 star twists Ranbir Pragya Prachi Abhi and Shahana apologize to the man for the accident. Abhi explains the severe problem. He doesn’t understand why the problems are hindering him. The man demands Abhi to take him to the hospital, since his daughter doesn’t know driving. Abhi gets compelled to help him. Sanju still proceeds with the forced marriage. He doesn’t want Ranbir or Rhea to disturb him. Pragya and Sarita reach there to find Prachi. She asks Sarita not to take any wrong move, that can put Prachi in trouble. Pragya wants to make a plan. She gets an idea to reach her daughter. Pragya reaches Sanju and Prachi some how.

She gets Sanju at the gun point. She tells them that she will kill him. She asks all the goons to throw the guns. Ranbir’s parents also come there to his rescue. Prachi tells them that she has seen Mane killing the waiter Sunil, who framed her at Abhi’s house. Ranbir and Pragya believe her. Rhea doesn’t want Sanju to get exposed. She gets herself in danger, when Ranbir forcibly removes Sanju’s mask. Rhea helps Sanju escape. Rhea doesn’t want her name to come out. Ranbir and Prachi’s families fight the goons bravely to save themselves. Sanju comes back for Prachi. He wants her some how. He threatens to kill them. He apologizes to Prachi.

Prachi finds the families caught by the goons again. Sanju apologizes to Prachi. He tells her that he didn’t wish to marry her this way, he loves her and wanted to get her the right way. He tells her that she can’t marry anyone else. He asks Prachi to die if she can’t marry him. He shoots Prachi. Ranbir saves Prachi and gets shot instead her. Ranbir doesn’t want to spare him this time. Sarita calls the police to get the goons arrested. Sanju’s truth finally comes out. Ranbir gets praised by everyone for his bravery. His family feels proud of him for risking his life to save Prachi.


Ranbir wants to safely drop Prachi and her family home. Inspector informs that Sanju has run away. Rhea gets a relief with this news. Abhi and Shahana reach the godown late. Everyone is out of the goons’ place by now. Abhi doesn’t want Prachi there. He comes across Sanju. He identifies him. Sanju lies that he had come to save Prachi, but there is no one. Sanju wants to hide from the police. He decides to seek shelter at Abhi’s house. Rhea waits for Ranbir. She gets jealous of Prachi. Ranbir takes care of Prachi and her family. Pragya calls a doctor for Ranbir’s aid, since a passing bullet has hurt his arm a bit.

Pallavi worries for Ranbir. Dida and Pallavi want him to come back home. Ranbir tells them that Pragya is taking care of him and making him feel like a hero. He tells them that his family is also praised for his brave act. Rhea knows Ranbir loves her. She waits for him. Pallavi calls Prachi brave. Dida is also appreciating Prachi. Pragya finds Prachi close to Ranbir’s family. Pallavi realizes the bond between Ranbir and Prachi. Dida feels they will be a good pair. Abhi calls Prachi to know about her. Pragya fails to talk to him.

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