Kulfi Kumar Bajewala New hindrance for Kulfi’s big motive

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala New hindrance for Kulfi's big motive

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala New hindrance for Kulfi’s big motive Sikandar tells Lovely and their daughters about his old friends. He recalls a special friend Jogi, whom he wishes to meet since long. Sikandar takes them to the restaurant to have his favorite food dish. He tells them about Jogi. He praises Jogi for showing much faith on him when he didn’t trust himself. He gets surprised when Jogi meets him. He can’t believe that his dream got fulfilled. Jogi and Sikandar recall the old days and get happy. Jogi introduces his wife Sheela. Sikandar tells them about the other friends. Jogi asks if they should plan a reunion. Lovely doesn’t want this reunion.

She tells Sikandar that they have to go Chandnaur also and they can’t waste time. Sikandar tells her that few days won’t matter, he wants to catch up with his old friends. Lovely wants to cancel the Chandnaur trip. Sikandar connects with his good friends and recall his competitor JJ. His friends ask him to compete with JJ again and win over. Kulfi doesn’t want him to take her to Chandnaur. Sikandar tells them that he has promised Kulfi to take her to Chandnaur the next day. Sikandar’s friends want to convince Kulfi. They make tasty breakfast and serve it to Amyra and Kulfi. They pamper the kids and tell about JJ and Sikandar’s music competition.

They tell that JJ should be defeated by Sikandar now. Sikandar wants to leave soon because of Kulfi’s insistence. His friends ask Kulfi to think of JJ who had defeated Sikandar and earned big name, when Sikandar was the deserving one. Kulfi gets convinced and permits Sikandar to compete with JJ. Kulfi wants Sikandar to settle scores with JJ. Sikandar and JJ will be seen competing in an interesting music battle. Sikandar relives his old golden days. Kulfi wants him to be happy and also surviving.


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    • I believe that the producers of Game of love must have run into some problems. The way it supposedly ended wasn’t it at all. Subplots were not concluded. A compelling love story like this could have run for many years just like The Bold and The Beautiful – more than 28 seasons. Did they run out of ideas? What an abrupt end to truly compelling love story….what a shame!!!!


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