Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Rishabh Karan emotional burst

Kundali Bhagya Karan Rishabh surprised Preeta entry

Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Rishabh Karan emotional burst Karan sinks in Preeta’s memories for a while until the family pushes him for the engagement. He thinks of Preeta’s bitter words. He gets engaged to Mahira. The family congratulates him. Mahira is happy to become his fiancee. She looks ahead to become his wife soon. She feels she has won over Preeta. Shrishti is worried to face Sarla’s anger. Preeta asks her to think wise and react every time. Shrishti and Preeta face Sarla. Sarla gets angry on them for their stupid plans and disguises.

Inspector asks Sarla to control his daughters and their actions. Sarla tells him that she has given good values to her daughters and need not control them. She wants to know their crime. He tells about her daughters going to stop Karan’s engagement. Sarla can’t explain that Preeta is Karan’s wife. She asks him to accept the bail and let her take her daughters home. Sarla and Janki take Preeta and Shrishti home.

Mahira is much happy. Ramona asks her to explain her dad about the engagement. Mahira doesn’t want to talk to her dad and spoil her mood. Karan is much upset and misses Preeta. He feels the need for Preeta in his life. He can’t live without her. Rishabh finds Karan in pain. He scolds Karan for not being sensible. He feels Karan doesn’t need him now.

He wanted to see Karan saving his wife. He feels Karan has failed his trust by not defending Preeta. He reprimands Karan for not taking any step to keep up his wife’s respect. He tells Karan that he always supported him, but he feels he did wrong to back up a coward like him. He is much hurt by Karan’s actions. He feels Karan really doesn’t deserve Preeta. Rishabh feels compelled to witness the happening. He tells that he can’t hate Karan, whom he loved as his son. He is heartbroken that Karan doesn’t care for anyone. He wants to bash up Karan. Karan wants Rishabh to just beat him and vent anger.

He wants to know why is Rishabh so angry when the matter is about Preeta. He doesn’t regret. Rishabh is angry as Karan isn’t regretting. Rishabh tells Karan that he will not tell anything to him from now on. He gets emotional. Sarla is much upset. She can’t understand why Luthras called the police and sent her daughters behind bars for such a petty thing by forgetting their old terms. Preeta and Shrishti apologize to her and get her forgiveness. Sarla calls Preeta her strength. She loves Preeta a lot.

Later, Rupali and her sister visit Preeta and ask about her husband. Preeta gets taunted for her meaningless marriage. This rages Sarla and Shrishti a lot. Preeta feels hurt and stays silent. Sarla wants them to leave rather than talking ill about Preeta. The girl insults Preeta even when Sarla limits her. Karan meets Preeta and informs that he has got engaged to Mahira. She congratulates him with much sorrow. Karan doesn’t want her to get away.

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