Sanjivani 2 Ishani Weird Decision leaves Sid stunned

Sanjivani Ishani returns Action drama ahead

Sanjivani 2 Ishani Weird Decision leaves Sid stunned Sid tells Rahil about Manik’s weird demand. He thinks to confront Manik so that he appears heroic to Ishani too. He drags Ishani’s name into every matter. Sid goes mad for Ishani. He just wants to be with her all the time. Rahil and Neil tease him about Ishani. Ishani avoids Sid. Ishani gives the court orders to Sid to restrain him. He is much shocked on checking the restraining orders. Ishani clears to him that he has to maintain five feet distance from her. She warns him. He doesn’t want to obey her. He tells her that he will not get limited by any such order. He tears the papers. He doesn’t know that Asha is behind this conspiracy.

Ishani tells him that he can’t disagree to the orders, he has to stay away. She runs away and sheds tears in loneliness. She is helpless to keep Sid away for his own good. She doesn’t want Asha to harm her. Being such a bold and determined person, Ishani gives up to evil Asha. She proves that Sid’s love has weakened her. Sid wants to explain that love is their strength and they can overcome any problem. Ishani makes their love her weak link. Sid tells her that he is ready to take her command, but he is helpless to his heart.

He wants Ishani to become his date in the evening party. She refuses to him. She wants to end his hopes. Sid gets stubborn like her. He doesn’t lose. He just wants Ishani in his life. He meets her again and again. She tries best to avoid him. She is affected by Asha’s warning. Sid offers her a drink and also lift. He asks her to listen to her heart, which beats for him. She seeks help from the police. She shows the restraining orders and gets him arrested. Sid knows her fake anger. He plays a drama to faint down.


She runs out of concern. She can’t see Sid in trouble. Inspector scolds her for fooling the police and playing along in the love drama. He asks the love birds to sort their issues. Sid asks Ishani why is she making herself away like this. She doesn’t tell about Asha. She prays to complain about her love and fate. She gets advised by a lady, who asks her to accept fate or change it with courage. Ishani doesn’t know how to change her fate. She chooses to accept her fate and make Sid away. She accepts to go on a date with Rishabh. Sid gets a shock on her weird behavior.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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