StarBharat Muskaan Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming

StarBharat Muskaan Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming

StarBharat Muskaan Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming Nisha lies to Muskaan that Ronak loves her a lot and accepted her as wife seeing her true love for Khushi. She asks Muskaan not to feel that she has snatched Ronak and Khushi from her. She fakes a drama to emotionally blackmail Muskaan. Muskaan tells that fate has brought them to this point, its not their fault. Nisha tells that either of them can stay with Ronak. She tells that she wants Muskaan to live with Ronak and Khushi. She asks Muskaan to take over the rights. She tells that she will be ending her life and never come back to them. Muskaan gets much worried. Ronak and Gayatri worry for Nisha. Khushi wants Nisha back.

Muskaan returns the rights to Nisha. She wants to tell about Roshni. Nisha tries to commit suicide. Muskaan asks her to stay with Ronak. She promises to never return in his life. Nisha asks her to leave the city if she wants to keep her promise. Muskaan assures that she will never meet Ronak. Nisha is happy and wants Muskaan to leave. She packs Muskaan’s bag. Muskaan tells her that she can’t leave the city, she is helpless. She tells that she didn’t promise of leaving the city. Khushi cries for Nisha. Ronak worriedly goes to find Nisha.

Nisha begs Muskaan to spare her family. They also reach the temple. Ronak assures Khushi that he will find her mom. He meets Roshni at the temple. He shares the problem. Roshni tells him that she will console Khushi. Khushi gets pacified. Ronak likes Roshni for solving his problem. Nisha finds Ronak at the temple. She tries to avoid him and take Muskaan away. She angrily ends her fake drama and humiliates Muskaan. She ultimately gets slapped by Muskaan.


Ishq SubhanAllah:
Javed tortures Zara after kidnapping her. He makes her ready in the bridal dress. He ties her up. He throws flower petals at her. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her. He gets obsessed with her. He wants to marry her. He recalls their first meet. He scares her. He tells her that if she doesn’t agree to his proposal, then he will kill her. He wants to win her love. He is fearless and crazy. Kabeer will be rescuing Zara when Javed decides to kill her.

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