Sanjivani Upcoming Track Muskaan Highlights

Sanjivani Upcoming Track Muskaan Highlights

Sanjivani Upcoming Track Muskaan Highlights Sid and Ishani have a romantic dance in the party. He expresses his love for Ishani. He tells her that he loves her a lot. Juhi realizes that Sid’s love for Ishani is true. Ishani wants to stay away, since Sid is already married to Asha. He tells her that he was helpless to marry Asha to save a new life. Its tough for Ishani to avoid Sid’s love. She feels much hurt to hurt him. He doesn’t deter. He wants to convince her. He tries his best and romances Ishani. She feels embarrassed by Sid’s move.

She warns him to remember that he is married and they can never have any relation now. Sid isn’t in any mood to give up. Asha realizes their love and feels bad to separate them. Vardaan makes a new plan against Sid. Vardaan proves his manipulative side. He decides to reveal the truth to Shashank that Sid is Shashank’s son. Will he target Shashank this time? Keep reading.

Nisha doesn’t go inside the temple on seeing Ronak there. Muskaan shows Roshni to Nisha. She tells Nisha that Roshni is Khushi’s sister. She tells that she gave birth to twins. Nisha doesn’t believe her. She tells that Ronak would never separate his daughters. She insults Muskaan for getting her illegitimate child to give Ronak’s name. Muskaan slaps her angrily. She asks Nisha to limit herself, she will not lose Roshni’s rights on Ronak’s family. She wants Roshni to stay with her family. Nisha challenges her.

She tells that she shouldn’t meet Ronak, even if she snatches Ronak, she will fail to snatch Khushi. She feels Khushi loves her the most. She wants to become evil to get her love. She knows everything is fair in love and war. Nisha returns home and hugs Khushi. Ronak scolds her for leaving Khushi alone. Nisha tells Ronak that she loves him a lot. Muskaan tries to meet Ronak. Guards stop her on Nisha’s saying. Nisha apologizes to Khushi. She lies to Ronak. She tells that she wanted to go away from him, but couldn’t. She goes to Mami and tells her that Muskaan wants to get Ronak. She doesn’t want Muskaan to come home.

Gayatri wants Ronak to accept Nisha. Nisha meets Muskaan. She tells that she will help her in uniting Ronak and Roshni, but she has to decide what she wants. She wants to prove to Muskaan that she is keeping Ronak and Khushi happy. Muskaan accepts the challenge. She takes a disguise to enter the house and be around Ronak. Ronak will be soon knowing that Muskaan is alive, and she is dancing in the bar again. Dev shows Muskaan’s picture to him.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Sid and Ishani sath rahene do
    Kya pagal pan dikha rahe hai serial me
    Hum logo ne bandh kar diya hai Sanjivani dekhana
    Sab log bandh na kar de


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