Kasautii Zindagi Starplus Stunning twists buckle up

Kasautii Zindagi Starplus Stunning twists buckle up

Kasautii Zindagi Starplus Stunning twists buckle up Mohini wants to protect her Bahu Sonalika. Prerna gives a solid warning to Komolika. She receives Anurag’s call. She goes away to talk to him, so that Komolika doesn’t spy. Anurag asks Prerna to just confirm about the truck driver who committed her accident. Prerna agrees to him. Mohini is afraid that Prerna had told Sonalika about Anurag and her coming child. Mohini rushes to Komolika to ask her what did Prerna tell. Komolika doesn’t reveal anything. She asks Mohini not to worry for her. She runs after Prerna to know about Anurag’s call. Anurag asks Prerna to recognize the attacker. Prerna confirms the culprit.

Anurag bashes up the driver to know who had hired him. Ronit tries to help his aide. They plan to flee. Anurag happens to see Ronit and gets visuals from his past. He faints down. Prerna is worried for Anurag while watching him on the connected video call. Anupam reaches Anurag to save him. Ronit manages to run away. Anupam pacifies Anurag and Prerna’s concern. Mohini lectures Prerna for pretending to be a sacrificing person. Prerna tells that she doesn’t believe in making sacrifice now, since its about her child. She wants her child to get father’s love and rights. She asks Mohini to understand that Anurag loves her and is happy only with her.

She wants Mohini to help Anurag gain his real happiness. Mohini gets speechless. Komolika learns that Anurag is chasing the driver. Ronit calls her to inform that she shouldn’t come to the mill. He doesn’t want her to get exposed. Anurag and Anupam chase the driver. They don’t get to catch the culprit, since Ronit clearly outsmarts them. Ronit calls Komolika and reveals about Anurag reaching to double their troubles. Komolika is already going mad on Prerna’s daring slap. Komolika swears to kill Prerna. Anurag meets a detective and hires him to find the attacker trying to harm Prerna. He wants the proof.

He also asks for information about Prerna’s husband. He wants to know the secret element in Prerna’s story. He knows that there will be some connection with him as well. Anurag wants to know the missed past. Prerna and Anurag miss each other. Anurag calls her to express concern. Prerna tells him that he has to be fine to look after her. He asks her why does he care for him so much. Prerna doesn’t reveal anything. Mohini tries to sort the problem. She gives a chance to Komolika to win Anurag.

She wants Anurag and Sonalika to unite forever. She plans to send them to the farmhouse. She tells that Prerna won’t be following them there. Komolika is glad that Prerna won’t meet Anurag now. Mohini makes her happy. Komolika angers Prerna by revealing her honeymoon plans. She tags the child to be of Mr. Bajaj. Prerna slaps her again. Komolika reveals about Anurag and her trip. She challenges Prerna to stop her if she can. Prerna gets much upset.

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