Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Karan Preeta unspoken affinity

Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Karan Preeta unspoken affinity

Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Karan Preeta unspoken affinity Karan and Preeta have unspoken feelings between them. He doesn’t know how to express his complicated emotions to the girl he loves. He thinks Preeta will never understand him. He gets mistaken about her love feelings. Preeta feels he is disgusting to leave her and marry Mahira. Sarla meets Mahira. She advises her to not marry Karan, who doesn’t respect women. She doesn’t want Mahira to undergo the pain like Preeta. Mahira doubts her intentions. Sarla tells her that Karan cheated Preeta to marry, it wasn’t Preeta’s plan. She answers Mahira well to shut her up. She insults Mahira. Mahira doesn’t control her anger.

She misunderstands Sarla. Sarla feels Karan and Mahira are equal to have ill fates. Mahira thinks she didn’t deserve Sarla’s insulting advice. Karan looks for Preeta, who hides from him. He catches her and asks her about the lie she told to his family. Preeta tells him that she never lies. He tells her that he would have stopped her arrest if she admitted that she wanted to stop his engagement. She tells him that she didn’t wish to grow jealousy, since he doesn’t matter to her. She tells that he has no emotions that he connects with her heart. She insults him since he doesn’t deserve her love.

He admits that he knows to love a person, he has emotions filled in his heart. Preeta doesn’t think so. She asks him not to try, he has nothing good in him. He calls her really jealous of his happiness and fiancee. He tells that he loves the world, except her. He fakes his happiness. She tells that he isn’t happy and can’t see anyone else happy. He tries to make her jealous by romancing Mahira. Sarla calls Preeta to show some selected dresses. Preeta doesn’t think she should be affected by Karan’s presence. Sarla learns that Karan is also in the mall. She gets angered. Preeta doesn’t want Sarla to meet Karan and insult him.

She tells that she would like to go home. Sarla asks her to try some dresses. She wants Preeta to look the best n the wedding function. Karan likes a dress for Mahira. He triggers Preeta’s jealousy. Kareena also arrives in the mall. Mahira tells her about Karan’s romantic gestures. Kareena is glad that Karan is falling for Mahira. Karan fakes romance to show off Preeta. Mahira gets too happy on hearing him. Preeta acts like she isn’t affected. Karan asks Mahira to try the dress for him. Mahira likes his choice.

She tells him that he can call her Mahi. He gets confused. He wants to take the dress for Preeta. Sarla likes more dresses for Preeta. She insists Preeta to buy her chosen dress. Karan thinks to sit in another trial room to get saved from Mahira’s shopping spree. He thinks Preeta has left. He unknowingly goes to the trial room where Preeta is trying the dresses. Mahira tells Kareena that Sarla scolded her a lot. Kareena wants to reprimand Sarla for it. Mahira tells that she already answered Sarla. Karan happens to slip into the moment with Preeta.

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