Kahan Hum Starplus Nimki Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers

Kahan Hum Starplus Nimki Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers

Kahan Hum Starplus Nimki Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers Rohit and Sonakshi have a fight because of Rani. Sonakshi doesn’t lose hope. She tries to break the silence between them. Rohit is away from the home. He goes on a work trip. Rohit has always shown understanding and defended his wife. Sonakshi realizes that Rani’s truth is so huge that even Rohit is in dilemma and tension. She wishes that the truth isn’t much ugly as she predicts. Rani accompanies Pooja in Sippys family dinner. Rohit fears that Rani’s truth will come out. He returns home for Nishi and Yash’s anniversary party. He wants the family to be protected from Rani’s truth. Rani will be revealing the truth in the party.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara patch up after their argument about Zaid. Shahbaz finds Zara wearing the bangle of his Bahu Zara. He gets a huge shock. He get close to get a heart attack. Kabeer takes care of Shahbaz. When Shahbaz gets fine, he summons Ruksar. He shares his doubt about Zara. He asks her to find out about Zara, her roots and background. Ruksar gets worried thinking old Zara is back. Zara didn’t know about Kabeer’s family customs. She planned Zaid’s birthday nicely.

She didn’t wish to upset Kabeer. She feels guilty that the guests left and everyone is angry on her. She apologizes to Kabeer. She promises to never make such a mistake. She realizes she loves Kabeer. She feels hurt that he is avoiding her. Kabeer has lost all his loved ones. He doesn’t feel affection. He is stressed when Shahbaz feels sick.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki accompanies Mahua to the beauty pageant. She sends Mahua for the ten day training program. She encourages Mahua to focus on her witty answers than wearing modern clothes to win the competition. Nimki gets a shocking news that Mahua is in danger.

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