Muskaan Shocker for Ronak Sir ji manipulates Roshni

Muskaan Shocker for Ronak Sir ji manipulates Roshni

Muskaan Huge Shocker for Ronak Sir ji strikes Muskaan and Ronak unite after a long time. They soon get hindered by Sir ji’s guards. Nisha is worried that Ronak didn’t arrive home. She calls Hanumant to know about him. He tells her that Ronak is with Dev and will soon come home. He asks her not to doubt on Ronak, who won’t do anything wrong. He relieves Nisha’s tensions. Ronak asks Muskaan about her survival. He tells that he had been not living his life thinking she is dead. He wants Muskaan to answer him about her step to dance in the bar again. He didn’t wish to see her as a dancer again. Muskaan is ready to tell him about Sir ji and Roshni. Nisha and Khushi await Ronak.

Ronak fights with the goons to get Muskaan with him. He finally comes face to face with Sir ji. He didn’t know Sir is alive, since he had killed him in the brothel blast. Sir ji shocks Ronak and is happy about it. He tells him that if dead can return to life, then it has happened with Muskaan and him as well. He asks Ronak to come out of the shock and leave Muskaan. Ronak doesn’t want to lose Muskaan again. Muskaan wants to secure Ronak, who becomes Sir ji’s target again. Sir ji admits that he wanted to keep Muskaan away from Ronak.

He tells that he didn’t die and had been ruling the city as don. Ronak and Sir ji throw attitude at each other. Sir ji gets him beaten up by his goons. Ronak is thrown out of the bar. Roshni happens to reach the bar and finds Ronak in need of help. She helps Ronak and learns that Sir ji had kidnapped his wife. She doesn’t know that he is talking about Muskaan. She assists him and takes him inside the bar some how. She unites Ronak with Muskaan. She soon learns that Muskaan had been finding her husband, who is none other than Ronak. She is happy for them, unaware that they are her parents. She calls Khushi to inform about her second mother.


Nisha answers the call and is worried that Roshni had got her contact details. She doesn’t learn about Muskaan. Roshni wants to meet Sir ji and know about his move to keep Muskaan captive. Ronak and Muskaan plan to escape. He is thankful that Roshni united them. Muskaan wants to tell Ronak about their other daughter Roshni. He asks her to come home with him. She doesn’t want to go home, where his wife Nisha would oppose her. He realizes that Nisha already knew about Muskaan and kept her away intentionally. He gets angry on Nisha. Sir ji will be seen manipulating Roshni against Ronak and Muskaan.

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