Kasauti Zindagii Kay Starplus Upcoming Twists

Kasauti Zindagii Kay Starplus Upcoming Twists

Kasauti Zindagii Kay Starplus Upcoming Twists Komolika tries to reach Anurag in some way to stop his honeymoon. Komolika plans her wedding night, all thanks to Mohini, who is also desperate that Anurag moves on with Sonalika. Komolika is trying to defeat Prerna. She makes the big plan to win Anurag’s love. She makes Prerna away from Anurag. She wants to mislead Anurag. Prerna makes a plan to hire someone and cut off the power supply at Basu farmhouse. She tells Shivani that she is sure that they will call her for help. She is confident and proves herself. Mohini really needs help.

She doesn’t want Anurag’s wedding night to get spoiled. She gets the best arrangements done as per Sonalika’s likes. She calls Prerna and asks her to arrange an electrician for them. She informs about the power outage. Prerna acts innocent and tells that no one would be ready to go there at odd hours. Mohini insists her to come there and also get an electrician. Prerna agrees to her. She reaches the farm house and gets happy.

She gets a chance to ruin Komolika’s plans of her wedding night. She rages Komolika to expose her. Komolika threatens to kill Prerna if she comes in her way. Anurag is pleased to see Prerna at the farm house. He feels more connected to Prerna than his wife Sonalika. He wonders why does he feel so much for Prerna.

Shiv and Ananya’s romance will be seen. Ananya gets scared of the lizard and jumps to call for help. Shiv reaches to her rescue. She tries to make him accept his love. They get locked in the room. A moment gets created between them. They have strong bonding of love and friendship. He wants her to always be his good friend. She is hopeful to know the reason for his marriage decision with Ketki. Ananya wants to stop his marriage some way.

Meanwhile, Mohini does black magic. She wants to control Shiv and get all her powers from him. The family gets to see her Daayan avatar. Mohini covers up and acts to be possessed. Mohini madly dances. Everyone gets scared seeing Mohini. Dadi slaps her.

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