Kundali Bhagyaa Quick Preview Karan Preeta Tashan

Kundali Bhagyaa Quick Preview Karan Preeta Tashan

Kundali Bhagyaa Quick Preview Karan Preeta Tashan Sarla curses Karan for cheating Preeta. She tells him that she wishes Karan and Luthras to never stay happy. Kareena asks Mahira to take revenge on Preeta by insulting her. Mahira questions Preeta about following Karan. Preeta denies to have any feelings for Karan. She tells that she doesn’t care for Karan. Mahira reminds that Preeta came to break Karan’s engagement. Preeta tells that she doesn’t wish to come between, she just wishes Karan’s happiness. Kareena tells her that Shrishti has always crossed limits and even Preeta got unexpected. Sarla defends her daughter. She asks Kareena to stop Karan from chasing Preeta.

He tells that Karan deceived Preeta, he married her by telling that he loves Preeta a lot and then he dumped her on the roads. Kareena asks her not to shout. Sarla shouts that Karan married Preeta by cheat and ruined her life, he is a big fraud. She tells that she wanted to get Preeta married to Prithvi. She tells that Karan is a stain on friendship. Karan asks Sarla to stop insulting Kareena. Sarla tells that he should better control Kareena. Preeta tells Karan that he really cheated her, and Kareena is still blaming her. Sarla and Preeta vent anger on Karan, who worries for his image in the public.

Sarla chants that he took advantage of their goodness and cheated them badly. Preeta calms down Sarla and takes her along. Sarla wants Preeta to buy the dress. Preeta refuses to buy the costly dress. Sarla wants Preeta to buy it for any price. Sarla tells that she will pay for the dress and take it in the evening. Mahira and Kareena return home and tell the family about the humiliation faced by Sarla. Kareena wants Karan to insult Sarla. Dadi gets angry that Sarla is hurting Mahira’s feelings. Kareena asks them not to talk to ill-mannered Sarla. She brainwashes Karan against Preeta and Aroras.

She asks him to take a step for supporting his family. Preeta tells Sarla that she has told a lot against Luthras. Sarla tells that she had to expose the truth, Karan should get a slap for his misdeeds. She curses herself for believing Karan. She praises Prithvi, who is much better than Karan. Karan decides to organize his marriage functions in Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall. He wants to hurt Preeta and also insult Sarla. Karan and Preeta’s romance moments will be seen while he prepares to marry Mahira. Will Karan and Preeta get married again? Keep reading.

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