Dad Ki Dulhan Nimki Vidhayak Meri Gudiya Today

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Nimki Vidhayak Meri Gudiya Today Dadi finds Shankar following her. She runs away. Shankar stops her and asks her to come with him. Dadi refuses. Nimki sees Shankar and he gets helpless to leave Dadi. Anaro asks Mintu about his Dadi. Mintu asks her not to worry. Anaro tells that she wants to protect him. Dadi comes home and gets scolded by Anaro. Mintu shouts on Anaro to stop her. He cares for Dadi. Anaro tells that he doesn’t look her Babbu. Nimki wants to know about Shankar’s plan. Shankar lies to her. Mahua gets suspicious after reaching the fake training centre.

She is asked to give her phone. Nimki gets busy in her work. Hanuman tells her that the government is going to change again. Nimki tells that Shankar has dropped her. Hanuman asks her to be alert, everyone has own motives in politics. Shukla summons Nimki. He asks her to join hands and help him against Ganga. She tells him that she is with him and he should tell his plan. Nimki tells that she didn’t ask for anything and got enmity with Ganga. Shukla asks her to join Ganga’s plan and leak her plans. Ganga warns Nimki against back stabbing move.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
KK had run away with money. Guneet and Amber follow KK. Amber rides the bike. He takes Guneet to KK. The police intervenes and catches KK. KK gets beaten up. Guneet thanks Amber for his help. Amber meets with an accident shockingly. Guneet gets a huge shock and rushes him to the hospital.

Meri Gudiya:
Raghav keeps a prayers meet for Madhuri. Avi gets emotional watching a sweet video from Madhuri. Madhuri has left plenty of memories for Raghav and Avi. Madhuri has passed away, but her soul is still around Avi. Raghav’s mum mourns for Madhuri’s death. She handles Avi in the time of sorrow. Madhuri tells Avi that she will always be with her. Avi realizes that Madhuri is no more. Raghav hugs Avi and consoles her.




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