Patiala Babes Kundalii Bhagyaa Choti Sardarni Spoilers

Patiala Babes Kundalii Bhagyaa Choti Sardarni Spoilers

Patiala Babes Kundalii Bhagyaa Choti Sardarni Spoilers Sarabjeet shares his property with Meher to secure her coming child. Harleen scolds Meher for lying to her and snatching the property. She tells that Meher earlier said that she isn’t interested in Sarabjeet’s property. Meher tells her that she doesn’t know anything. He had committed to give his name to the coming child. He accepts Manav’s child as part of family and gave half share of property to him. He loves the coming child.

He is hurt seeing Meher getting insulted because of the truth. Harleen has a perspective that Meher doesn’t deserve this. She thinks Meher is clever and intentionally tricked Sarabjeet. He tries to explain Harleen. Harleen and Sarabjeet’s decision gets spoiled because of his decision. He gets too upset.

Mini is very happy that the restaurant is running well. She happily hears music and dances around. She is lost and doesn’t notice Neil’s presence. Neil finds Mini dancing. Mini presents herself as a mature and responsible person. She cherishes her happiness. He finds her in a light mood. He sees the innocent side. They get into an awkward situation. Neil is very helpful and impresses her.

Patiala Babes Kundali Bhagya Spoilers:
Karan forces Sarla and her daughters to work in his mehendi ceremony. Kareena troubles Preeta by asking her to prepare the mehendi. Preeta prepares the mehendi and gets the bowl. When she passes the bowl to Mahira, she gets the mehendi on her hand. Preeta tells Mahira that the mehendi belongs to her, she is Karan’s wife and has right on it. She tells that its a sign from the fate. Mahira disagrees. She doesn’t think Karan will accept Preeta. She wipes the mehendi from Preeta’s hand. Preeta goes to express her feelings to Karan. Will Karan’s stupid move of revenge do something good? Will Karan and Preeta unite? Keep reading.

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