Kulfi Kumarr Lovely unthinkable murder attempt shocker

Kulfi Kumarr Lovely unthinkable murder attempt shocker

Kulfi Kumarr Lovely unthinkable murder attempt shocker Lovely wants to get Sikandar’s property and business. She is upset that Kulfi got Sikandar to Chandnaur and saved his life. She blames Kulfi after kidnapping Sikandar. Amyra gets against Kulfi. She didn’t wish Sikandar to undergo the surgery. Kulfi follows her heart while the police looks for Sikandar. Kulfi locates him by feeling his presence. She tells the police that Sikandar is inside the sofa. The police checks the sofa chest and really finds him inside. Lovely worries seeing Sikandar rescued. She had taken this step to hide him. She has already drugged him.

She thinks no one can cure Sikandar now. She makes Sikandar unconscious. Doctor tells them that someone had drugged Sikandar to make him non-responsive. Kulfi worries for him. Lovely acts concerned. She wishes Sikandar dies. Sikandar’s treatment begins again. Lovely recalls going to Sikandar and expressing her happiness on his survival. She wanted a second chance for her marriage. She tried to solve their issues. She false swears to not harm Kulfi. She had big plans to have a wonderful life and huge business for them. Sikandar understands that they can lose life any time and its better than they take life seriously.

He knows Lovely will never take care of Kulfi as a mother. He calls it quit. He doesn’t want to continue the marriage since she will never support Kulfi. She knew that he will not change his decision. She gets compelled to take the extreme step. She asks him for a final hug. She cheats him and injects him the poisonous drug to make him a living dead body. She is happy that none can make him normal again. A nurse witnesses her crime. Lovely threatens her. She manages to take situation under control.

She had hidden Sikandar inside the sofa and then tried to mislead the police. After the flashback of Lovely’s heinous crime, she is seen expressing her evil intentions. She thinks Sikandar will die and now she will get the empire in her hands. She wants to rule over her richness. She is sure that the nurse will not reveal the truth. The nurse regrets to support Lovely in the wrong. She gets a huge shock learning about her son’s accident. She wants to rectify her mistake by exposing Lovely’s crime. Lovely accuses Jacob for Sikandar’s condition post the failed surgery. Jacob asks her not to blame his work.

Lovely tells Amyra that Kulfi has done this with Sikandar. She tells that its foolishness to take one percent chance and risk everything. Lovely makes Amyra hate Kulfi. Lovely puts Kulfi in guilt. The nurse thinks of telling the truth to Kulfi. She gets scared seeing Lovely. Lovely wants the police to arrest Jacob. The nurse leaves a note for Kulfi and reveals Sikandar’s condition cause. Lovely stops the nurse from her brave attempt. She threatens the nurse. Kulfi enquires about Sikandar’s state. She realizes the huge threat on him, when Lovely takes a disguise of attacker.

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  1. It was expected of her. She’s is the most cunning person.. She will surely meet her fate soon .sikander will surely punish her.
    When the right time comes. We don’t want lovely. We want only sikander dictating her please cure sikander soon. We feel sorry for kulfi.

  2. Where does the director wants to turn the story, when loveleen was in jail that should have ended her role as every time she does a criminal act she is failed and again she finds a different plot.
    From 1st episode kulfi was so interesting and now getting fed up


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