Kumkum Bhhagya Tonight Ranbir happy love Prachi

Kumkum Bhhagya Tonight Ranbir happy love Prachi

Kumkum Bhhagya Tonight Ranbir happy love Prachi Rhea is much hurt realizing that Ranbir is in love with Prachi. She gets mad thinking about him. She loves Ranbir a lot. She realizes that she is much in love with him. She thinks she got late and did a big mistake in pushing him towards Ranbir. Ranbir falls in love in Prachi. He is happy with the feeling. He wants to tell Prachi that he loves her. He gets ready to meet her. Rhea loses her cool and thinks Ranbir has done this to her. She calls Ranbir to meet him once. Ranbir goes out. He imagines Prachi. He dances with her on the roads. Aryan asks Ranbir why was he romancing a guy.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he is seeing Prachi everywhere, he is in love with Prachi, its true love. Aryan asks if he is serious. Ranbir tells him that he truly loves Prachi, he wants to meet her. Aryan asks him not to mess up around and come with him. He takes Ranbir to the cafe. Ranbir imagines Prachi again. He goes mad thinking of her. He tells Aryan that he wants to hear a romantic song so that he can think of Prachi more. He wants to dream about her. He tells Aryan that its Ishq wala love for him. Aryan tells him that they have to give the order. Ranbir doesn’t want to see the waitress, since he may see Prachi in her.

Aryan asks him not to be crazy and just look at her, every girl can’t be Prachi. Ranbir sees Prachi in the waitress. He acts dumb, fallen in much love. Aryan asks him to stop embarrassing him. Ranbir tells him that she is Prachi. Aryan orders the food. He doesn’t want Ranbir to flirt with any girl. He asks Ranbir when did the love happen. Prachi is with Pragya at home. Pragya makes Prachi realize that Ranbir and Prachi are in love. Prachi doesn’t think so. She tells Pragya that Ranbir is irritating.

Pragya asks her to realize Ranbir’s feelings, he is really caring. Prachi gets jealous that Ranbir and Rhea are snatching her mum’s love. Pragya asks Prachi to realize that Ranbir loves her, else he would have not risked life. She is happy that Prachi will get true love. Will Prachi realize her love? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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