Yeh Rishta Kartik traumatized Shocking reveal today

YRKKH Naira Kartik shocking encounter Upcoming spoiler

Yeh Rishta Kartik traumatized Shocking reveal today Kartik is much stressed about Naira. He wants Pallavi to treat Naira well and assures to get the medical reports soon. He rushes to check his mail and download the reports. He loses his true senses and gets sinking in tension. Goenkas and Naksh reach the hospital and want to know about Naira. When they ask Kartik about her, they find him in total tension. They realize that he is in shock. Manish feels sorry for Kartik’s fate. Dadi regrets that she didn’t accompany Kartik to the court. She knows Vedika has done this intentionally. She is much hurt. Doctor checks Naira’s reports and is shocked.

He tells Pallavi that they have to operate Naira soon and also share the condition with her family. Dadi is much worried. Vedika pacifies her and faces her wrath. Dadi understands that Vedika wanted to go to the Dargah to avoid the divorce hearing. She reprimands Vedika for her clever move. She is much angry that Vedika risked Naira’s life by plotting the accident. Vedika denies the blames. Dadi tells that Vedika can’t be trusted now, since she is deceiving them now. She loses faith on Vedika. Pallavi tells the family about Naira’s miserable state. She tells that Naira’s kidneys got damaged because of the accident.

She asks the family to get their kidney match test done so that Naira’s kidney transplant surgery can be performed soon. This news shocks the entire family. Kartik is much shocked and loses his conscious mind. He doesn’t believe Pallavi and thinks she is joking. He tells that he is going to marry Naira. He tells that Naira will laugh on hearing this joke. The family realizes that Kartik isn’t accepting Naira’s state and is in shock. Pallavi advises them to bring out Kartik from the shock. The family pities Kartik who just sits laughing on the bad news. Manish tries to bring Kartik to his conscious self. He slaps Kartik and hugs him.

Kartik cries out and accepts Naira’s condition. Manish asks him to do the needful and arrange a kidney donor for Naira. Singhanis are also much depressed hearing about the bad news. Vedika wants to get the test done so that she can help Naira. Pallavi asks her not to blame herself, since its fate. She tells that Naira’s state is such because of fate. Vedika wants to save Naira. She feels responsible for Naira’s state. Gayu calls the entire family for the kidney match test. Vedika worries seeing Kartik’s state. Naksh misses to know Vedika’s intentions. Kartik wants to save Naira’s life.

Kairav will soon learn about Naira’s condition. Naira gets a kidney donor. She stays unconscious. Her state worries Kartik. He takes the permission from the doctor to meet Naira before the surgery. He meets Naira and cries, asking her to get up once and talk to him. Naira doesn’t respond to him. Kartik breaks down. Kairav thinks the family is hiding something from him. He finds the elders going somewhere secretly. He also goes after them to know what are Kartik and Naira planning before the marriage.

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