Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala New entry Today Kulfi in peril

Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala New entry Today Kulfi in peril

Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala New entry Today Kulfi in peril Lovely threatens the nurse and sends her away. She asks the nurse to think of her children. Nurse Maria is worried for her son who met with an accident. She feels much guilty that she isn’t able to tell anyone about Lovely. Kulfi finds Maria crying and goes to console her. Maria throws the money in the dustbin. She regrets to support Lovely. Kulfi asks Maria what happened to her, does she know what had happened with Sikandar. Maria tells her that someone tried to kill Sikandar. She alerts Kulfi and asks him not to tell her name to anyone. Lovely takes a disguise and attacks Maria and Kulfi. Maria faints down.

Kulfi runs away from the attacker. Jacob tries to treat Sikandar. Kulfi hides in the jungle. She gets caught by Lovely, who desperately searches for her. Kulfi gets in front of a truck while she runs. She thinks she will get knocked down in a moment and freezes. A lady rescues Kulfi. She pulls Kulfi’s hand and saves her life. Kulfi and the lady hide from evil Lovely. Lovely thinks Kulfi got saved, but she has to kill her soon. She falls low. She plans to murder Kulfi. Kulfi faints down in shock. The lady asks for lift and tells that Kulfi is her daughter. The man gives her some money and also drops her at the hospital.

The lady takes Kulfi to the hospital and gets her treated. She tells that she lost her mum on the same day and then got Kulfi by a miracle. She tells that she felt her mum has come back to her in the form of Kulfi. Doctor agrees to treat Kulfi by hearing her sobbing story. The lady tells Kulfi that she has saved her and got her treated for free by fooling everyone. She tells that mother is a powerful word, once she calls someone as mother with love, she will win over the world. Kulfi recalls Nimrat and cries. Kulfi asks her who is she and where did she bring her. She sees Sikandar on the news and cries. She learns that he is in much danger.

She thinks even the police is bribed by the attacker. She wants to save Sikandar. Kulfi fails to get answers from the lady named Chalu, who is much smart and manipulative. Kulfi wants to know Sikandar’s health status. Lovely does a fraud on Sikandar’s name. Kulfi sees Raju getting caught. She asks Chalu to help her, but Chalu ousts her from the house.

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