Kulfi Kumaarr Baajewala Starplus Evil exposure time

Kulfi Kumaarr Baajewala Starplus Evil exposure time

Kulfi Kumaarr Baajewala Starplus Evil exposure time Kulfi sees the shocking news that Sikandar is paralyzed. She wants to go home and tell Lovely about the attacker. She wants to alert them about the danger. Lovely tells Cutie that she is scared that her truth can come out. She doesn’t want anyone to know her evil crime. She tells Cutie that she doesn’t want to risk everything. Cutie tells Lovely that whatever Lovely has done is right. Cutie tells that Lovely had to secure Amyra’s future. Kulfi comes home to tell Lovely about Sikandar. Cutie tells that Sikandar shouldn’t divorce Lovely. Lovely has poisoned Sikandar and has put the blame on the doctor for his medical condition.

Kulfi learns that her life is in danger and some goons are looking for her. Cutie asks Lovely to take over the company and take it to new heights. Lovely agrees to take Sikandar’s position. Kulfi hides to get into the lift. She comes across Amyra, who blames her. Amyra feels this would have not happened if Kulfi didn’t compel them to send Sikandar for the surgery. Kulfi gets into a truck to save her life. She thinks of the moments spent with Sikandar. She wants to tell Lovely and Amyra the truth. She thinks it will be good if Raju comes and helps Sikandar.

She takes Raju to the police. Police threatens Raju and other chawl people not to try to help Kulfi. Kulfi gets worried witnessing this. Inspector is working for Lovely and Cutie. Lovely wants to get rid of Kulfi. She gets a shocking letter. She is threatened to know what someone knows her truth. She thinks how is this possible. Chalu wakes up in the morning and finds her house clean. Kulfi tells her that she has cleaned the house. She calls her Maa. Chalu gets angry on her. Kulfi tells that she is just obeying her.

Chalu tells that she will not entertain her any more. She asks Kulfi to go to her own house. She ousts Kulfi and shuts the door. Kulfi thinks who will help her now. Mohendar returns home. He sees the media at home. Cutie tries to handle the media. Lovely calms down Mohendar, who goes hyper. Mohendar tells that he wants to meet Sikandar. Lovely gets clever to mislead him. Mohendar wants to be sure that his brother is fine. He loves Sikandar as his son. He gets mad when she acts evil. Sikandar is still in helpless state. Lovely locks up Mohendar.

She gets a parcel. She is again threatened. She wonders who is blackmailing her. Kulfi gets close to learn Lovely’s truth. Lovely can’t believe that it was Kulfi who was sending her the notes. Lovely feels she is badly caught. Kulfi succeeds to get help from Chalu again. Lovely gets confronted by Chalu and Kulfi. What will Lovely tell them in defence? Will Kulfi realize Lovely’s crime and save Sikandar? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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  1. When will sikander come back ? Please cure him. Kulfi”s performance is good we pity for her. Please get her father back

  2. Director is unnecessarily prolonging story there will be lower tpr please remove loveleen character from the story it is boring and really you have lost the charm of serial. May be viewer stop to see the serial.


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