Kulfi Kumar Lovely Chalu encounter Kulfi sobbing twist

Kulfi Kumar Lovely Chalu encounter Kulfi sobbing twist

Kulfi Kumar Lovely Chalu encounter Kulfi sobbing twist Kulfi gets tea for Chalu and assists her in work. She requests Chalu to take her home so that she can meet her dad. Chalu tells her that they can’t go in daytime, they will go at night so that nobody sees them. Chalu tells her that she can take her inside the house with ease. Kulfi doesn’t think there is any risk inside the house. She plans to meet Sikandar and then meet Lovely and Amyra to alert them. She wants to tell them that Sikandar’s life in under danger. Chalu tells that she needs the floor map of her house to take her inside. Amyra stays with Sikandar. She tells him that he will recover fast and come back to them. Lovely comes to them.

Amyra gives him the good news that Lovely arranged a recording for her in the new music company. She tells that it would be good if he has accompanied her. Lovely takes Amyra with her. She doesn’t want Amyra to waste time. Sikandar sees Kulfi’s picture and is much sad within. Lovely asks Amyra to sing Vijaylaxmi’s song. Amyra asks her what about Kulfi, who was going to sing that song. Lovely and Cutie explain her that Sikandar is in this state because of Kulfi, he was fine and talking before, but now he is just alive, which is worst than death. Amyra cries for Sikandar. Lovely blames Kulfi for his state and makes Amyra hate Kulfi.

She asks Amyra to sing the song and not think of Kulfi if she is really Sikandar’s daughter. Amyra agrees to her. Chalu tries to get an entry in the house, but the watchman makes her entry blocked. Chalu makes excuses and tries to gain information about Sikandar’s family. Amyra isn’t sure if she could sing the song. Lovely tells Amyra that she can sing really song. Amyra’s songs get hit. She gets pleased. Lovely tells her that she has organized a concert for her, and Jimmy is helping them a lot. Amyra tells that Jimmy is an evil man who did wrong with them. Lovely tells that Jimmy is feeling apologetic and he must get a second chance.

She lies to Amyra. Amyra gets convinced. Chalu learns about Lovely getting online deliveries. She plans to take a disguise. Kulfi tells her that its 15 days that she didn’t see Sikandar. Chalu tells that they will go there tonight. Kulfi thanks and hugs her. Chalu makes her away. Chalu wonders why does Kulfi want to go there. Amyra tells Sikandar about her successful concern where the fans loved her song. Sikandar feels Lovely is doing wrong with Kulfi and Amyra. Lovely and Jimmy plan to keep Sikandar in the same state.

Moreover, Chalu gets Kulfi there in the huge parcel box. She takes disguise of a man. She likes the lavish house and thinks she can rob a big amount. She asks Kulfi to find the person soon and finish her work. Kulfi goes to meet Sikandar. She hides from Amyra. Chalu robs in the house. She gets caught by Lovely. Lovely slaps Chalu and scolds her. Kulfi hides from Cutie as well. She wishes to meet Sikandar once. Kulfi and Chalu escape from there. Kulfi tells her story to Chalu. Chalu wants Kulfi to get her father. Chalu gets revengeful against evil Lovely after the slap incident. She wants to help Kulfi.

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  1. Chalu and her friends will help kulfi to meet her father and save him from lovely. Please get him well soon He is our Hero and kulfi is the Heroine who is very brave Father _ daughter helps each other and bond very well


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