Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali Bhagya Quick Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali Bhagya Quick Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Kundali Bhagya Quick Snips Prachi’s answer surprises Ranbir. He believes that he had confessed love to Prachi over the call. Ranbir tells Prachi that he wishes and hopes that her family likes him. He says he has come here, as he wants to tell her that this is not time pass for him, but he is very serious about it. He says this is a very serious matter, I want to fix everything.

Prachi is confused and tries to figure out what he wants to say. She is oblivious to his real feelings for her. Rhea asks Sanju to make MMS of Prachi and make it viral in college to the maximum reach so that she feels humiliated and insulted. Rhea’s one-sided love is going to take a dangerous form. She determines to ruin Prachi for snatching Ranbir from her.


Kundali Bhagya: Shristi tells Mahira that her Mehendi color is very light. Mahira checks her hand. The goons barge into Luthra’s house with the aim to steal all the ornaments worn by the ladies at the wedding. Preeta looks at Karan in shock. Karan will save Preeta from the goons and realize his love for her seeing her in danger. The goons will be love angel for Karan and Preeta to unite them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Aahir blackmails Kalyani to marry Rachit to save Madhuri. Kalyani is shocked and tensed. She thinks what to do? Aahir tells Kalyani that Madhuri will take signatures of Malhar on the divorce papers. Kalyani says no. Madhuri acts to be captive and hurt shocking Kalyani. Kalyani has no other option than to agree to marry Rachit. She cries. Aahir asks Malhar to sign on the divorce papers. Malhar refuses and slaps him hard. Aahir falls on Madhuri, who falls down. Malhar calls her Aai and rushes to her. He sees her fake hand and realizes he got Sarkaar’s artificial hand in his hand when he tries to pull him out of the car. He questions her if she is Sarkaar. Madhuri confirms and says she is Sardaar and Naxals’ head.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Muddu’s friend asks him to jump in the water and die, to save himself from the unwanted marriage. Muddu takes his words seriously and jumps in the water. His friend gets worried and scared. He says why did you take my words seriously. Sarla and others apply haldi to Gudiya, who is very excited about her marriage and life with Muddu.



  1. The tujhse script has become silly … The CV shows that illogical .. Let madhuri be at the head of such a terrorist network .. What rubbish .. This is not the real madhuri .. Why show the contemptuous and bad character of madhuri in kaliyani .. She had a positive image of her mother until the moment when she learned the truth about the betrayal of madhuri and atul on Anupriya .. She knew how to forgive .. But now qaund she will know what her mother did .. Kaliyani Will she believe malhar or Anupriya when they tell her the truth about madhuri .. Anyway .. It’s quite difficult because the series tests relationships .. And sometimes they put time to show the track but ends the track with only 2 episode .. Anyway .. If it’s the real madhuri at least tell us the reason for this behavior .. But if it’s a fake madhuri why do all this history and want the bride to rachit .. I do not see the point. Anyway .. The fans are disappointed with the current track .. Because we show that the terrorist track. Let a brother become a psychopath who likes to torture his brother. We forget the sense of family. We bring back the dead .. We test relationships .. In short .. Disappointed .. The fans demand the jodi kalma .. Or less that they understand that they are in love and begin their stories and marriage. Because the CVs make only 2 romance sessions between kalma but make almost a month of suffering and torture for the separation of the couple .. At a moment they must act and stop showing that the negative .. For me we do not stop not lavish and show that the negative and terrorism in the series ..

  2. Yarr yeh dekke to may Marr he jaunga itna gussa dilata hai yarr kabhi kabhi to may sochta hu ki tv under gusske sapko golli mardunga lekin yet to nahi hi sakta na or soory for that lekin jab dono ek sath milte hona to Dil merra Pyaar Karne ka Mann karta hai yarr ……

  3. Yes the way kalyani n malhar fall for each other was quite wonderful. Why can’t they find peace in their lives? At some point can’t they get together without any hassles? All zee tv shows are putting the main couple through too many trials. Please stop this and get going.


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