Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Prithvi perfect revenge plan

Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Prithvi perfect revenge plan

Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Prithvi perfect revenge plan Karan and Prithvi hide from the robbers. Prithvi gets the mask left by the robber and wears it. Karan fails to see his face and assumes him to be a robber. Prithvi runs away from him. Karan feels weird that the robber saw him and ran away. Prithvi realizes that he did wrong to run away from Karan. He thinks to shock Karan and make him run by hiding his identity by using the robber’s mask. He wants to get saved from Sherlyn’s terror by wearing the mask. Preeta doesn’t want to break Karan’s swear. She feels helpless that she isn’t able to get in.

She gets an idea to call the police. Ramona doesn’t want to give her diamond bracelet gifted by her husband. She has sentiments attached. She finds difficult to part it away. The robbers snatch the jewellery. Shrishti wants to help Rishabh. Sherlyn tells Kareena that they should have not come to Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall. Kareena regrets to listen to Karan. The robber tells that their fate is bad. He tells that the wedding hall is famous for successful marriages. Sherlyn thinks Karan and Preeta’s marriage will not break if this is true.

Karan finds Shrishti in need of help. She tells him that he can’t blame her for this. He asks her not to misunderstand him. She tells about that she will respect him if he returns Preeta’s happiness. He asks her not to come after him, he will handle the robbers. She tells him that she isn’t Preeta and she will accompany him. Prithvi enjoys when the robbers assume him as the boss. Prithvi misleads the robbers. Karan thinks how to get weapons to defend the attackers. Shrishti advises him to get knifes from the kitchen. Rakhi tries to secure Mahira. The robbers look for the bride to snatch the jewellery. They find Dadi, Rakhi and Mahira in a room.

They threaten to kill Mahira if they don’t give the jewellery. Karan and Shrishti find Preeta at the window. Preeta tells her that she isn’t coming inside since Karan made her swear. Shrishti asks Karan and Preeta not to play this swear game. Preeta tells them that she wants to come and help them. Preeta still wants Karan to free her from the swear. Karan relieves her by putting her in a tough spot. He makes Preeta praise his looks. Shrishti finds them cute together. Karan and Preeta get together to defeat the robbers.

Robber guesses that Sarla’s daughter is married to Karan. Mahira scolds him. Robber tells her that her marriage will not happen. Dadi asks him not to ruin their mental peace, just take the jewellery and leave. Preeta and Shrishti try to save Karan’s costly belongings so that they don’t blamed later on. Prithvi enjoys the robbery game. He gets peace seeing everyone at gun point. He thinks all of his enemies deserved this. He wants his revenge by torturing them. He thinks its his day today. He feels like a ruling King. He vents out his frustration on his enemies.

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