Starplus Sanjivani Death mystery huge truth hits Sid

Starplus Sanjivani Death mystery huge truth hits Sid

Starplus Sanjivani Death mystery huge truth hits Sid Vardaan thinks Shashank is tricking him to save himself. He wants to fulfill his revenge on Shashank some how. Anjali gets the news of Shashank’s death and slips in shock. She starts denying the news that her dad has really left the world. She doesn’t think the news can be true. She asks the doctors to treat the casualties in the emergency wing. Juhi too is shaken up thinking of Shashank who left her all of a sudden. Sid and Ishani console Anjali who continues the denial. While Juhi gets a panic attack, the staff confirms that Shashank is dead. They arrange the arrival of Shashank’s body in Sanjivani.

Juhi loses her breath. She gets treated in the ICU. Anjali stays with her to lend support, knowing Juhi was much close to Shashank’s heart. Anjali wishes Juhi recovers soon. On the other hand, Sid gets inconsolable. He tells them that Shashank was fatherly figure and mentor for him, who supported him right from the day he joined Sanjivani. He misses Shashank a lot. He can’t imagine his life without Shashank. Roshni and Ishani console him. Roshni gets in dilemma over revealing the truth. She wants to tell Sid that Shashank was his dad. She doesn’t know if this truth will bring any difference, since Shashank is no more. Sid breaks down.

Ishani asks him to know his duties and serve the patients. Sid doesn’t focus on his work. Vardaan gets much angered that his enemy died before he took his revenge. He tells that he has to take revenge on Shashank some how for his sister’s soul peace. He doesn’t want to spare Shashank. He vents out his anger. He also gets mad in his hatred emotions. Anjali asks Juhi to keep her belief that Shashank will be bad. She tells that Shashank will be back. Sid wants an answer since the fate has snatched his fatherly figure.

He wonders why did this happen with him. The entire Sanjivani goes in a state of grief when Shashank’s body is brought to the hospital. Sid and staff cry for Shashank. Vardaan gets to see Shashank’s body and controls his rage on the death. He gets into an act, which makes Ishani suspicious. Ishani knows that Vardaan is targeting Sid. She didn’t get any proof against Vardaan. She wants to know what are Vardaan’s intentions and was his revenge for Shashank. Juhi, Anjali and Sid cry for Shashank’s loss.

Vardaan still wants to bring the truth out that Sid is Shashank’s son. During Shashank’s final rites, Roshni admits that Sid is Shashank’s son, who has a right to conduct his final rites. Shashank’s death ruins the lives of many. Everyone misses him deeply. How will Roshni’s truth affect Sid’s life? Will Juhi and Anjali be able to accept Sid as Shashank’s son? Keep reading.

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