Yeh Hai Chahatein Starplus Prisha shocking confession

Yeh Hai Chahatein Starplus Prisha shocking confession

Yeh Hai Chahatein Starplus Prisha shocking confession Prisha takes Saransh to the school to answer Ahana. She doesn’t want Saransh to get scared of Ahana. She questions Ahana about her misbehavior with Saransh. Ahana fools her about the school rules. Yuvraj defends Prisha and Saransh. He tells Ahana that he is a lawyer by profession and knows that there are no such rules that question a student’s father. He declares that he is Saransh’s father. He asks Saransh to tell everyone that he is his father. He gives donation cheque to slap Ahana. He tells that Prisha will not work for the school again.

He knows Saransh is Rajeev’s son. He makes a plan to snatch money from Rajeev. He thinks its right time to strike. He knows that Ahana is Saransh’s stepmom. Rudraksh meets Rajeev. He asks him to save him from Mishka. Rajeev gets blackmailed by Yuvraj. Yuvraj blackmails about Mahima and Rajeev’s affair. Rajeev doesn’t tell Rudraksh about it. Rudraksh meets Dr. Bubbles and flirts with her to get her sign on a medical certificate.

Bubbles gets smitten by the rockstar’s charm. She is happy that her boyfriend Bunty is ready to marry her. She tells Prisha that Bunty wants to marry her. Prisha asks her to think again about Bunty. Rudraksh learns about Bunty and Bubbkes. He asks Bunty not to ruin himself. He messages Bubbles to break up. Bubbles gets heartbroken. Bunty is worried for Bubbles, whom he loves. Rudraksh asks him to be thankful. Prisha meets Rudraksh and Bunty. She fumes on Bunty for breaking Bubbles’ heart. Bunty tells her that Rudraksh has sent the message to separate Bubbles and him. Prisha curses Rudraksh once again.

He proposes her for marriage. He asks his friends to help him in getting free from Mishka. He doesn’t want to marry Mishka. Mishka gets tricked by Rudraksh. She tells Ahana and Balraj that she can’t marry Rudraksh. Balraj summons Rudraksh. He reprimands Rudra for the stupid plan. Rudraksh gives up and agrees to marry Mishka. He proposes Mishka to please her. Rudraksh tells Rajeev that love doesn’t mean anything to him. Rajeev explains that a loveless marriage is a disaster. Rudraksh doesn’t care for his advice.

Rajeev is blackmailed by Yuvraj again. Yuvraj plans a grand marriage with Prisha. He wants to impress Prisha so that he can use Saransh. He wants to reap all the benefits from Saransh and Rajeev’s connection. Yuvraj meets Rajeev and gets the huge amount from him. Rajeev wants to find the blackmailer’s identity. Balraj learns about the huge transaction. He demands Rajeev to get the money back.

Rudraksh helps Rajeev. Rajeev meets a shocking accident. Rudraksh loses Rajeev in the accident. He gets mad on Prisha who shockingly confesses that she is responsible for Rajeev’s accident. Rajeev dies and leaves Rudraksh supportless. Rudraksh hears Prisha’s confession. He swears to take revenge on her. He decides to break up her marriage with Yuvraj and marry her. Rudraksh and Prisha’s marriage will be seen.

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