Kundali Bhaagya Preeta unexpected bravery stuns Karan

Kundali Bhagya April Fools Biggest news to shock

Kundali Bhaagya Preeta unexpected bravery stuns Karan Preeta and Shrishti try to help Rakhi. Karan and Rishabh fight the goons, but in vain. They fail to help Rakhi. Rakhi begs the robbers not to harm her children. The robbers lock her up in the room. Preeta tells Shrishti that they should reach Rakhi via the secret door. They try hard, while Rakhi gets scared of someone reaching her. Karan tries to secure the guests. Preeta has the same intention. She tells Shrishti that none of the guests should get harm. Karan escapes to find Rakhi, while Rishabh gets stuck with the bad guys. Preeta tries to rescue Rakhi. She asks Rakhi not to worry and just escape before the robbers come.

Karan gets into the sight of the robbers to mislead them. The robbers catch Karan and take him to Rakhi. They find Rakhi escaping. Sameer and Rishabh fake the fight for booking the wedding hall against the family’s wish. They try to get situation under control by fooling the robbers. The robber chief asks them to stop the family drama. He asks them why are they fighting like animals. Preeta tells Rishabh that she also got caught because of Shrishti. The chief gets Preeta and Shrishti at gun point.

He asks Rakhi to stop the drama and just show some fear in front of them. Shrishti asks him to catch the fake boss. The chief asks his gang to capture Rakhi and Karan for their security. Preeta stops him from taking Karan. The boss asks her relation with Karan. Prithvi is scared to get caught by the robbers or Preeta. He doesn’t know how to escape. He feels he has fallen in danger because of his love for Preeta. The robber finds him hiding inside the washroom. He threatens Prithvi and tries to break the door. Prithvi prepares to save himself. He makes an excuse. The robber threatens him. Prithvi tries to convince him.

He admits that he became the boss by wearing the mask, but it wasn’t intentional. He tells that he was helpless to lie and play the drama to save himself from the dangerous robbers. Sarla comes to the wedding hall to serve the Luthras against her wish. The robbers mock on Preeta, Karan and Mahira’s love triangle. The chief gets emotional and tells Karan and Preeta are in love, which he knows well, since he was also in love before. He tells Ramona that she should better accept this and not force Karan to marry her daughter.

The scene gets funny when the robber chief supports Karan and Preeta’s unspoken love. Sarla learns about the robbers’ gang creating a havoc at the wedding hall. She gets alert and hides from the robber. Preeta wants to stop Karan from going with the robbers. She gets an idea to electrocute the robbers. She shares her idea with Shrishti. Preeta electrocutes the robbers cleverly. She saves Luthras and guests from the robbers’ terror.

Prithvi asks the robber not to waste time after him and help his gang. The robber doesn’t want to spare him. Prithvi tells that he will also help the gang, he can still take things under control. Prithvi fools the robber and runs away. The robber gets Dadi at gunpoint. Sarla comes to the rescue. She saves Dadi and also calls the police to get the robbers gang arrested. Sarla praises her daughters for saving the wedding hall’s name. She feels proud. Rakhi cries for her Bahu Preeta, which angers Mahira.

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