YRKKH Kaira Starplus Tonight Grand exposure twist

YRKKH Kaira Starplus Tonight Grand exposure twist

YRKKH Kaira Starplus Tonight Grand exposure twist Vedika informs Naira about her honeymoon, which shocks the latter. Naira didn’t expect Vedika to stoop so low. She realizes that Vedika is in a hurry to make a relation with Kartik out of fear of losing him. She thinks to warn Vedika by giving a hint that she already knows the truth. Vedika tells Kartik that they have to rush for shopping. Naira asks Vedika how can she travel for long hours when her surgery happened few days back. Vedika tells that she has taken permission from Pallavi, she can travel when Kartik is with her to look after. Naira wants to hurry up and expose Vedika’s truth. Dadi awaits Naira at Singhania house.

Naksh thinks a thief has come. He goes to hit her and sees Dadi. She screams and tells him that she isn’t any thief. She tells him that Naira has called her for the meet. He reprimands Goenkas for doing injustice with Naira. He tells her that Vedika has done wrong to save Naira’s life and snatch Kartik. Naira meets them and learns that Dadi shared the truth with Naksh. She reveals about Pallavi and Vedika’s huge fraud. Naksh gets raging at Vedika. He tells her that they will reveal Vedika’s fraud to Kartik. Naira tells him that she has no proof against Vedika. She tells that Pallavi and Vedika are much clever, they need to gather evidence first.

She shares her plan to take Vedika to the clinic and expose her fraud. She asks Dadi to take Vedika for the sonography before Kartik and Vedika leave for the honeymoon. Dadi doesn’t know if Vedika will get convinced. Naira asks her to convince Vedika some way. Naksh tells that they won’t get another chance later. Dadi agrees to try her best since she wants Naira and Kairav home. Naira tells them that she has intentionally sent Kairav with Kartik to keep Vedika away. She tells that Vedika’s truth will be out soon. Vedika tells Kartik that she is done with her packing for the trip. Kartik finds Vedika having a problem with Kairav.


She reminds his promise. She wants him to just accept her heartily. He refuses to give her love. Kairav informs Naira that Kartik is with Vedika. Naira and Dadi find ideas to distance Vedika from Kartik. They send Kairav and Vansh for planning a surprise for Kartik. Dadi knows that Vedika’s time is up, Vedika won’t get love this way by snatching. She thinks Kartik will hate Vedika on knowing her truth. Naira wants Kartik and Kairav with her. She gets big hopes. Kartik also wishes that things get fine in his life, Naira returns to him.

He wants to marry Naira. Vedika wants to win Kartik so that he doesn’t think of leaving her. Vedika awaits the trip. Naira and Kartik start the day fresh. Naira gains strength to fight with obstacles laid by Vedika. Dadi accompanies Kartik and Vedika by some excuse. She insists to take Vedika for the checkup to assure her safety. She wants Vedika to just get the examination done for her mental peace. Kartik wants Dadi to stay relieved. He asks Vedika to listen to Dadi’s advice. Dadi tells that she always looks after everyone in the family.

Dadi and Kartik take Vedika to the hospital. Naira hides from Kartik and feels helpless. Dadi gets Vedika’s test done. They learn that Vedika is just having one kidney inside her body. It will be shown that Vedika has bribed the doctor beforehand. Kartik learns about Naira’s suspicion. He calls the doctor and threatens of getting her license cancelled if she doesn’t tell the truth. The doctor tells the truth that Vedika didn’t donate any kidney. Kartik learns Vedika’s big fraud.

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