Spoilers Kundalii Bhagya Shakti Bahu Begum

Spoilers Kundalii Bhagya Shakti Bahu Begum

Spoilers Kundalii Bhagya Shakti Bahu Begum Karan and Preeta think about each other and smile. Prithvi talks to Sherlyn and tells that he will punish her. Rakhi asks Rishabh to make Karan understand that Preeta is made for Karan. Karan doesn’t want to listen, though his heart also knows it. Rishabh asks Karan not to talk in between them and listen to her order. Rakhi says I love you and hugs Karan. Sherlyn assumes that Karan has agreed to Rakhi’s wish and will bring Preeta back. Sherlyn looks at them angrily and plans to poison or drug someone in the house.

Bahu Begum: Noor tells Razia that Adil shot at Shayra, but saved her and made her escape from there. Adil came to know about it. Shayra was running on the road and reached the cliff. Adil followed her with his car and hit her and Shayra fell from the cliff in the valley. Razia is shocked and gets in disbelief. Azaan hears her partially and asks what? Noor lies to him and acts to be bad with him. Noor tells Razia that she wants to make Azaan stand on his feet and tells everything that happened in the last 5 years.

Shakti: Soumya challenges Chameli that she will make Heer very educated so that she stands on her own feet and face the world proudly. She says Heer will not forward her hands infront of anyone for the nek. She says Heer will never ask Nek when she grows up. However, Saya takes Heer out to see how kinnars ask for nek. She puts her dupatta on her cloth. Heer watches how kinnars ask for nek, clapping their hands. She smiles innocently.

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