Kumkum Bhagyaa Prachi shocking decision today

Kumkum Bhagyaa Prachi shocking decision today

Kumkum Bhagyaa Prachi shocking decision today Sarita and Shahana try to console Prachi. Pragya returns home and finds Prachi locked in the room. She asks Prachi not to hide her face when she isn’t wrong. Prachi meets them. She tells them that she isn’t wrong, she got much insulted when she is right. Pragya asks her not to lose courage, when she isn’t wrong, then she shouldn’t run away. Prachi refuses to go to the college. Pragya tells her that if she runs away, then everyone will think she was in that MMS. She asks her to give the answer to everyone and prove her truth. She tells that she will come with her to the college. She wants to fight for Prachi’s dignity. She motivates Prachi.

Pragya asks Prachi to find out the culprit and expose them. She tells Prachi that she has to fight the problems and not fail her upbringing. She tells that she won’t forgive Prachi if she loses. Prachi agrees to fight for Pragya’s sake. She wants to prove her clean character. Ranbir is also occupied with tension. He wants to clear Prachi’s name. He thinks to talk to her. Ranbir goes to the college. His friend speaks bad about Prachi. Ranbir bashes his friend and warns him against watching Prachi’s MMS.

Ranbir goes mad in anger. Prachi finds him into the fight and stops him. He tells her that he will not tolerate anyone saying bad about her. Prachi asks him not to hurt anyone and handle the matter maturely. She gets upset with him. Prachi meets the principal. She tells that she wants to leave the college. She tells that someone is trying to spoil her image. Ranbir’s friend asks him to apologize so that their fight ends. Ranbir refuses to apologize.

He asks his friend to apologize to Prachi. Ranbir warns the college mates against speaking ill about Prachi. His friend calls the police and complains about Ranbir. Ranbir scolds his friend for staining Prachi’s character. Inspector arrests Ranbir. Prachi gets a shock on seeing his arrest. Ranbir wants to be with her and help her. She loses her support. She follows him to the police station.

Prachi scolds the college mates for judging her on the basis of the fake video. She tells them that she had come to get successful, not to get into any bad activity. She challenges them to prove her wrong. She tries her best to prove herself right. She calls them insensitive and low graded to mock someone.

She asks them to prove her a culprit if they can. She tells that her pride is bigger than their small mindset. She declares that she is leaving the college by her own wish, she isn’t rusticated. She feels the college doesn’t deserve her. Rhea gets to hear bad things about Prachi. She thinks Prachi crossed her limits and compelled her to do this. She learns that Ranbir got arrested, after fighting for Prachi’s sake.

Prachi meets Ranbir and reprimands him for the fight. He isn’t in any mood to hear her lecture. She tells him that she isn’t happy this way. He tells her that he did this for her sake. She asks him not to spoil his image. He tells that he will always fight with people who say nonsense about her. He confesses his feelings that he can’t tolerate anything wrong about her. He tells that she is much valuable to him, he knows her family well and can’t see them hurt.

She tells him that he won’t have to fight for her, since she is leaving the college. He is left stunned knowing her decision. Later, Aaliya questions Abhi over his blind faith for Prachi. Abhi wants Aaliya to stop hating Prachi. Abhi learns Prachi’s MMS matter and stands by her, believing she can’t be wrong.

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