Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Kulfi shocking confession

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Kulfi shocking confession

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Kulfi shocking confession Cutie and Beauty are trying their best to help Lovely. Kulfi can’t see Amyra crying. She tells Chalu that Amyra is her younger sister and she doesn’t want Amyra to be in sorrow. She asks Chalu to console Amyra. Chalu asks Amyra why is she crying. Amyra tells that she is missing Sikandar a lot. She tells that she was very happy with Sikandar and Kulfi when they stayed in the Chawl. She feels something went wrong that the disaster has struck their lives and took away all their happiness. Chalu sympathizes with her.

She explains her to be with Kulfi like before, since Kulfi still loves her. Amyra tells her that Kulfi is responsible for Sikandar’s state. She tells that Kulfi came back and this compelled Lovely to keep Sikandar at a safer place. She feels horrible that she isn’t able to meet her dad because of Kulfi. She tells that Kulfi can’t meet Sikandar. Chalu requests her to help Kulfi. Cutie and Chalu get into a big argument. Cutie keeps Amyra from Chalu. She takes Amyra with her. Kulfi calms down Chalu. Chalu and Kulfi see Cutie eating peanuts.

Chalu tells Kulfi that Cutie was just doing a drama. She goes to teach a lesson to Cutie. She adds something in the sweets. She feeds Cutie and this makes Cutie lose her voice. Cutie is worried. Beauty is sure that Chalu has done something to Cutie to make her lose voice. Lovely returns home and gives the sad news that Nihalo refused to help them. She recalls Nihalo turning down her request because of the old incident. Nihalo wants revenge on her. Lovely doesn’t know how to prove Chalu’s fraud. Beauty overhears Kulfi’s conversation. Kulfi doesn’t want Chalu’s aides to spike the food. She is God fearing. Beauty and Lovely know Kulfi’s values.

They make a plan to scare Kulfi. Kulfi hears Nihalo’s voice. She gets scared. She tells Chalu that she just heard Nihalo’s voice. Chalu makes a plan to find Sikandar. She tries to find him knowing he is locked inside the house. Lovely tells that Nihalo is coming home to meet Kulfi. Kulfi recalls Nihalo’s tortures. Lovely tells that Nihalo will expose Chalu. Chalu asks Kulfi not to worry by Lovely’s lies. She tells that she will find Sikandar in some time. Beauty wants to fail Chalu’s plans.

She tells Lovely that Nihalo will come and expose Chalu for sure. Chalu and Kulfi try to find Sikandar by using special things. Kulfi is tensed thinking Nihalo is coming. Lovely scares Kulfi to make her confess that Chalu isn’t Nimrat. She tells her that she can lose her father if she lies about her mother’s truth. She asks Kulfi to think of the Matarani’s wrath and admit the truth. Kulfi fears to lose Sikandar. Lovely plays with her mind. Kulfi makes the confession that Nimrat is dead and Chalu isn’t her mother. Lovely gets glad to succeed. She wants to oust Chalu from the house before the latter reaches Sikandar.

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  1. Chalu will find sikander and reunite kulfi. But lovely can’t oust chalu from her house as kulfi will support chalu, let’s hope sikander become normal and punish lovely for her sinful acts


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