Kumkum Bhagya Latest Upcoming Abhi Pragya Lohri

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Upcoming Abhi Pragya Lohri

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Upcoming Abhi Pragya Lohri Abhi learns about Sanju’s crime and swears to get him punished. He follows Sanju into the jungle. He is much hurt already. Prachi, Ranbir and Pragya also look for Sanju. Pragya too gets hurt. Rhea cares for her. Abhi and Pragya have a hit and miss like always. Ranbir sees Sanju and runs after him. Sanju gets confused to take the route out of the jungle and run away. He reaches the dead end. He threatens to jump down the bridge. Ranbir asks Sanju to jump down if he has courage. He asks why did he ruin Prachi’s image in the college.

He tells Sanju that he is a stain on friendship. Sanju blames Ranbir. He tells that Ranbir is the reason for this. Ranbir gets puzzled. Pragya wants to go after Sanju. Rhea worriedly makes her swear and takes her to the car. She wants Pragya to be fine. Abhi rests behind the tree in the injured state. Pragya senses him and goes away. Pragya gets bitten by a snake. She doesn’t see the snake. She thinks its just an insect bite. Sanju scolds Ranbir. They have an argument. Sanju tells Ranbir that he loves Prachi and didn’t get his love. He accuses Prachi and Ranbir for being selfish and always insulting him. He confesses the crime.

Abhi feels better and goes after Sanju. He asks Sanju to get punished. He is sure that Sanju is a coward and won’t hurt himself. He tells that Sanju has no courage. Rhea wants Sanju to get away. Sanju doesn’t want to get caught by them. He thinks to take a chance. Abhi and Ranbir bash up Sanju. They make him apologize to Prachi. Prachi slaps Sanju in anger and expresses her hatred. Sanju gets heartbroken. He angrily threatens to kill Prachi by throwing her down the bridge. Sanju falls down the bridge, while Prachi hangs down to the railing.

Abhi and Ranbir panic and try to save her. Rhea gets worried, since she didn’t plan all such. Abhi and Ranbir save Prachi. Sanju also get saved after falling into the river. He is angered by Prachi’s slap. He swears to not spare Ranbir. He wants to kill Prachi’s family to take revenge on her. Rhea tells Prachi that Pragya got hurt and is resting in the car. Abhi fails to see Pragya, because of her face covered. The situational drama goes on. Abhi tells Ranbir that he will file the police complaint against Sanju.

Abhi asks Ranbir to drop Prachi and her mom home. Prachi sees Pragya’s foot turning blue. She tells Ranbir about Pragya. They rush Pragya to the hospital. Pallavi is worried for Ranbir. Vikram is proud of his son. Rhea scolds Abhi for being so careless.

He misses Prachi. She asks him why didn’t he go to the doctor for the aid. He tells her that he will get fine by her scolding. He wants her to relax. She insists and calls the doctor. Pragya gets treated for the snake bite. Ranbir asks the doctor if Pragya is absolutely fine. He is much concerned for Pragya. Pragya feels lucky that Ranbir is always there to rescue.

Ranbir wants to be double sure that Pragya is fine. Pragya tells him that she is really feeling better. Pallavi goes to check on Ranbir. She realizes he isn’t there and went from the window. Vikram asks Biji to scold Pallavi for locking Ranbir. Vikram and Pallavi complain to Biji. Ranbir returns home and behaves funny. Biji apologizes to him for leaving him alone. Ranbir complains about Vikram to save Pallavi. He asks Biji not to beat Vikram. Vikram informs Ranbir about the Lohri function. He tells that even Prachi and her mom are invited. Ranbir gets glad and looks forward to meet Prachi.

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