Shakti Soumya Heer separation Lohri brings shocking twists

Shakti Soumya Smashing return for Heer and Virat

Shakti Soumya Heer separation Lohri brings shocking twists Soumya celebrates Lohri with Heer. She gets surprised when she sees Harak happily celebrating with Heer, when he had much hatred in his heart for her. Soumya sings the Lohri song. Harak, Preeto, Raavi and Shanno celebrate the festival. Soumya’s tensions get doubled seeing Harak’s strange behavior. Soumya gets emotional. Heer tells everyone that Soumya had decked her up with love. Even she wants to deck up Soumya. She loves Soumya a lot. Soumya tells Heer that her fate will be really good.

Harak announces that he will be ousting Soumya from the house. He succeeds to get Heer in the family by making Soumya away. He had kept the condition in front of Preeta. He tells her that he won’t tolerate two kinners in the family, if Heer has to stay with them, then Soumya has to part ways. Preeta commands Soumya to leave for Heer’s sake. Soumya gets heartbroken. She feels the pain of separation. What will Soumya do to stay with Heer? Will Preeto support Soumya this time? Keep reading.

Star Bharat Meri Gudiya:
Ratri swears to take Madhuri’s place in Raghav’s life. She tries hard to impress him so that she makes Madhuri’s memories out of his mind. Raghav ignores her. He is actually aware of her intentions. Shaurya has alerted him that Ratri is wanting to marry Raghav. Raghav can’t deny Ratri’s love once again. He thinks its better that he breaks her hopes before she gets too serious for him again. Ratri insists him to have breakfast before leaving for office.

She wants Raghav’s love which she lost many years back. She is sure that this time Raghav won’t refuse to her love proposal. She plans to propose him. Madhuri and Avi become a trouble for her. Raghav stays in Madhuri’s fond memories.

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