Kundali Karan Preeta love story restarts upcoming

Kundali Karan Preeta love story restarts upcoming

Kundali Karan Preeta love story restarts upcoming Preeta goes to the storeroom to find the medicine box for Dadi. She gets scared when the light goes. Karan goes to help her. He tells her that she had come for his Dadi, which means a lot to him. She assures that his Dadi will get fine soon by her treatment. He finds her really good hearted. He thanks her for coming and also asks the reason for forgetting their differences. She tells him that its her fate that she gets connected to Luthras again and again. They both have a moment while they search for the medicine box. He tells her that he wonders why she is so nice. He wants an answer from her.

She tells him that she had come to do her duty as a doctor. He knows that she had come just for his sake. She tells that she also gets much anger on him, but subsided everything since its about her duty. He tells her that he can hear something else, like she is feeling love for him. He questions her feelings. She recalls Sarla’s words that she just has to do her duty. She runs away from Karan. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand him. Dadi tells the family that Preeta treated her pain. Rishabh is glad that she is feeling well.

Mahira doesn’t want Dadi and Rakhi to take Preeta’s side. She feels even Kareena will support Preeta with time. She looks for Karan and Preeta. Preeta thinks if Karan was really praising her goodness. Karan wants an answer from her. Preeta wants to rush to Dadi soon. They get into situational moments again and again, which remind them the past. Mahira and Sherlyn find them romancing. Sherlyn asks Mahira to believe her and just do the needful, that’s to kill Preeta. Karan gets scared of Preeta’s reaction when he unknowingly steps on her dupatta and tears it. She apologizes since its her mistake to not stay careful when he is around.

Preeta completes the treatment. Dadi tells her that she is better. She calls Preeta a really good doctor. Preeta asks Dadi to stay happy and smiling. Dadi gives her an affectionate hug and apologizes. She repents for her mistake. Sherlyn unknowingly makes way for Preeta’s homecoming and union with the elders. She just wanted to hurt Rakhi by her plan. Preeta tells Dadi that the medicines will completely end her pain. Karan gets falling for Preeta once again. Rishabh sees Karan’s stare at her. He wishes Karan breaks his silence and admits his feelings for her. Poor Rishabh who deserved Preeta has forgotten her just for Karan’s sake.

Rishabh asks Karan to value Preeta and forget the past. He is grateful to Preeta. He shares his happiness. Mahira finds Rishabh praising Preeta too. Kareena shares Mahira’s pain. Mahira is worried seeing Preeta snatching Karan again. Mahira tells her about Preeta’s challenge. She is scared within. Kareena tells her that Karan has no feelings for Preeta, he is just being nice to her. Mahira feels Preeta can break all limits to win Karan. Kareena assures that she will control Preeta.

She promises to get Mahira married to Karan. Preeta tells Rakhi that she will go home since Dadi fell asleep post pain relief. Rakhi thanks her and offers help. She asks Rishabh to drop her. Preeta wants to manage on her own. Karan decides to drop her home. Karan and Preeta have sweet moments series.

Best comment by Mala ramlall:

Kumkum bhagya and Kundali bhagya adjust utter nonsense. Pragya and Abhi eventually meet, he stayed over at her place but acts like he doesn’t know where she is, how come they don’t want to meet their kids they separated from. Utter nonsense. Something is always in the way. Please stop this nonsense. Kundali bhagya same nonsense everyday, no conclusions or revelations. Truth never comes out. More and more drama and the plot gets list again and again and again, please stop, it’s too much now.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Choti Sardarni


  1. Its becoming an absolute non sense,,,kundali bhagya has no story line…just passing episode over episode….plz open all d secrets now n start with new themes…otherwise this serial will lose its audience very soon..

  2. Please Preeta aur Karan ka pyaar aage badhao
    Dono ka ego thoda kam karo aur pyaar badhao
    Let preeta enter Luthras home as bahu
    Waiting for that….

  3. My household has stopped watching these series a long time ago. Plots upon plots, there is a limit…They have both has reached their peaks and now steadily declining in excitement…

  4. waste of time watching this serial!

    Sherlyn does nt even look pregnent after so many months..
    Preetha deserves a good man like Rishabh.and
    i cant stand Prithivis charecter..

  5. Yes I also prefer rishabh as peeta’s partner, sherlyn must get exposed, pregnancy and all the works, kidnapping of preeta,sarla, janki and mahesh luthra

  6. Seriously yr I like dis serial bt now it’s over please guys stop dis nonsense we want complete change about show.change ur track come with story line end dat sherlyn other wise we will change our decision about ur show

  7. I think a hi and pragya should meet with prachi and reah and sort their differences and preeta and Karan should confess their love for each other and get married again with no problems arising that stops their wedding and everyone gets to know the truth about syerlyn but I really love the 2 soaps they are absolutely amazing ??????????????????????????????????


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