Patiala Babes Sony Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers

Patiala Babes Inspiring twists Shakti Heer Virat Holi

Patiala Babes Sony Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers Mini parties with her friends in the new year celebrations event at her restaurant. Everyone is engaged in the dance. Mini sees a minister’s son teasing a girl. She takes a step to help the girl. She opposes the rich guy. She gets into trouble. The guy spits in front of her. He shows off his tantrums. Mini gets angry and gets into a heated argument with him. She takes a stand for the girl’s respect. Neil comes to support her.

Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers:

Nimki and Tunne try to find Mahua. They reach the place and get Mahua’s message written on the wall. They rush to find Mahua. Nimki tells Tunne that Mahua knew that they will come to find her. She tells that someone wants to sell the young girls. Abhimanyu tells Nimki that they should rescue all the girls. Ganga is behind the crime. She stays relieved. She doesn’t want her image to get spoiled. She asks Mishra not to do any mistake that ruins her image. Abhimanyu and Nimki inform the police about the kidnapping.

The police helps Nimki. She asks the inspector to hurry up in the search. Ganga traps Mahua in the evil racket. Abhimanyu bribes the informer and gets the important information from him. Nimki tells that police should be alert. She swears to not leave anyone if Mahua falls in danger. Shankar informs Ganga that the police is going to expose their scam. Ganga can’t believe this. She asks how did the police know about it, when they never failed before. Mishra tells Ganga that everything was going smoothly.

Nimki takes a disguise to reach Mahua. She makes a plan with the police. Nimki rescues Mahua. She protects Mahua from the evil people. She gets Mahua home. She is shocked to know that Ganga is behind the evil. She wants to teach a lesson to Ganga. She tells Tunne that she will not accept the ministry and join Ganga. She asks him not to talk like cowards. Abhimanyu and Tunne ask her to be practical and not risk the family’s lives. Tunne asks Mahua to explain Nimki. Nimki didn’t know Ganga will be so cruel. She knows the danger on the family. She feels Mahua is her responsibility. She wants justice for Mahua.



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