Kumkum Pragya admires Abhi Meera makes confession

Kumkum Pragya admires Abhi Meera makes confession

Kumkum Pragya admires Abhi Meera makes confession Abhi and entire family grace the Lohri function. The men and women get into an argument. Dida cracks joke on Vikram and shares his childhood’s silly stories. Vikram wants to go away. Pallavi and Ranbir laugh on Vikram. Meera wishes to be with Abhi. Ranbir asks Pallavi not to joke on him like Dida is doing. Dida feels just she has a right on her son and grandson. Aaliya asks Purab to stay happy. Purab isn’t happy within. He thinks his happiness doesn’t matter at all. She leaves him on his own. She thinks he is thinking about Disha. Rhea is worried.

Meera wants to know if Rhea is bothered for something. Rhea tells her that she is happy at all times. Meera knows Rhea very well. Rhea tells Meera that she will share everything when right time comes. Rhea welcomes Pragya in the party. Meera feels Rhea is getting close to Anuradha. She isn’t aware of Pragya’s identity. Rhea hugs Pragya. Shahana gets insecure. Prachi knows that Pragya is very friendly. She also feels that Pragya loves Rhea a lot. Rhea wants to talk to Ranbir. Pragya gets mistaken that Rhea is in love with someone else.

She tells Meera that Rhea started liking some guy. Meera gets glad to know that Rhea is in love. Rhea gets angered seeing Ranbir madly in love with Prachi. She feels she has lost Ranbir. She tells Aaliya that Ranbir didn’t even greet her. She feels she lacks something and doesn’t deserve his love. Aaliya asks her to believe in herself. She instigates her against Prachi. Rhea tells her that Pragya likes Ranbir for Prachi, she will be accepting Ranbir’s alliance if he asks for Prachi’s hand. Aaliya relieves Rhea’s tensions a bit by making big promises. Ranbir follows Prachi.

He tells Aryan that he is going mad about Prachi. Ranbir compliments Prachi. Dida meets Prachi. She feels Ranbir is in love. Prachi doesn’t think so. She finds him very weird. Dida can’t hear anyone saying wrong about Ranbir. Prachi confuses her. She tells that Ranbir may not know true love. She gives hope to Dida. Ranbir avoids his friends to cover up his feelings. Aaliya tells Rhea that she will make a plan to make Prachi away from Ranbir. She calls up Maya to execute her evil plan. She feels Rhea too innocent. She assures that she will handle Prachi now.

She wants Prachi to lose trust on Ranbir. She plans to frame Ranbir in the molestation blame. She tells them that Maya will accuse Ranbir. She knows that Prachi won’t trust Ranbir. She asks Rhea to spoil Ranbir’s image and then win his trust. Abhi stays with Purab. He doesn’t want to leave his best friend alone. Pragya gets to see Abhi there. Meera asks Pragya if she knows love. Pragya tells her that love is selfless.

Meera also loves Abhi. Pragya tells that she wants to be part of her lover’s happiness, but few wishes isn’t fulfilled, their fate is the decision maker. Meera feels they have to decide to stay happy or sad. She admits that she loves someone. She then feels worried that she confessed about Abhi. Pragya is glad to know that Meera loves someone. Meera asks her to keep her secret. Pragya doesn’t realize that Abhi is Rhea’s dad, she thinks he has come for the performance in the party.

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  1. Last time when Abhi was in Pragya’s house she wanted to introduce prachi to him. But in the this episode she sees him in the function but no excitement for meet him or didn’t feel like introducing prachi to him. Such a stupid story….

    • Yo girl i feel the same. The story has completely changed there so many errors and the producer’s don’t realize it or won’t correct it. It’s upsetting because i truly love the show

    • And that time when Abhe was in pragya ‘s house pragya want to show Parache’s pic to Abhe n she couldn’t find her daughters pic anywhere in the house ..where was her cell phone that time…n every time pragya n Abhe are in same place but they don’t meet very slow story..


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