Kasautii Zindagi Prerna unthinkable confession shocker

Kasautii Zindagi Prerna unthinkable confession shocker

Kasautii Zindagi Prerna unthinkable confession shocker Moloy feels Mohini isn’t a good mother for Anurag, since she isn’t caring for his happiness that lies in Prerna. He tells her that she is just jealous of Prerna. Mohini fumes on the insult and blames Prerna for it. Nivedita asks her not to feel hurt and forget it. He wants Mohini to value Anurag’s love for Prerna. Mohini tells that since Prerna came in their lives, problems started. She feels terrible. She doesn’t want to forgive Prerna. Anurag takes care of Prerna’s sprain and relieves her. He tells that he had learnt treating the sprain by following the internet just for her sake. He knows she is pregnant and such things can happen any time.

Viraj finds them into a moment. He takes Anurag for a talk. Veena asks Prerna to stop running after Anurag. Prerna tells her that even when Anurag doesn’t remember anything, he cares for her. Veena knows Anurag is a gem at heart. She also knows that Prerna and Anurag can never have a future together. Prerna tells her that Anurag will break her marriage with Viraj and recall the past. Veena sees her hopes getting high. Viraj confronts Anurag about his feelings. Anurag tells Viraj that he loves Prerna just as a friend.

He tells that he is already married and doesn’t have any love feelings for Prerna. He tells that he is concerned for Prerna, but has good intentions. He apologizes to Viraj. Viraj apologizes to him. Viraj feels he is wrong to get possessive for Prerna, whom he started loving. He tells that he will propose Prerna now. Anurag feels jealous and worried. He thinks to limit his heart, since his gestures are giving a wrong sign to Viraj. Anupam recalls Shivani’s words and gets alert seeing a waiter/ Ronit’s goon Shiva. He follows Shiva.

Ronit attacks Shivani and ties her up. He locks her inside the cupboard. He gets his phone with Shivani. He gets Shiva’s call who is trying to run away from Anupam. Ronit asks Shiva to come to him by some other way. Anupam misses to catch the goon. Ronit tells his plan of killing Prerna. He slaps Shivani and warns her to not come in between his plan. Shivani doesn’t recognize him as Ronit. She then understands that its him. Ronit goes to kidnap Prerna. Anurag tries hard to recall the past. He recalls Prerna’s marriage happen while he was stopping her. He tells Komolika that he has seen Prerna in the memory flash, she married someone against his wish.

She asks him not to play with her feelings by running after Prerna. He tells her that he isn’t able to recall the face of Prerna’s groom. She is worried that his memory is coming back. She thinks to make his development slow. She doesn’t want him to recall his past with Prerna. Prerna finds Komolika into the plotting. She drinks the drugged water and admits to Anurag about her love. She tells Anurag that she loves him a lot. The couple unites, while they get spotted by Viraj.

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