Yeh Hai Chahatein Yuvraj Rajeev row deadly aftermaths

Yeh Hai Chahatein Yuvraj Rajeev row deadly aftermaths

Yeh Hai Chahatein Yuvraj Rajeev row deadly aftermaths Rajeev learns that Saransh is his son and turns too emotional. He regrets his cowardliness that he couldn’t keep his promise to Mahima. He learns that Mahima has died after delivering the baby. Prisha tells the doctor that just her parents are aware of the truth. She doesn’t mention that even Yuvraj knows the truth. She tells that Saransh doesn’t know that he is Mahima’s son. She wants the doctor to keep this a secret. Rajeev cries a lot on knowing that Mahima is no more. He sinks in Mahima’s memories. He feels Mahima has kept her promise and gave birth to his child. He recalls the past when he learnt about her pregnancy and promised marriage.

He had tried hard to reveal the pregnancy news and convince Balraj and Ahana. He had got slapped by Balraj on revealing the truth. Neither of Balraj and Ahana supported him. He feels sorry that he failed to marry Mahima. He thinks of Ahana who refused to give him divorce after even knowing about Mahima and his child. Prisha learns that Saransh got conscious. She goes to meet her brave son. Rajeev wants to get free from all the bounds. He wants to give his name to his son Saransh. He promises to get justice for Mahima’s love.

He cries seeing the medal given by Saransh. He thinks to fight for his son. He doesn’t want to tell Prisha anything until he finds Yuvraj’s truth. He meets Saransh and shares an emotional moment with him. He feels blessed to have a son. He is fed up of his loveless marriage with Ahana, which he can’t even break. He decides to adopt Saransh and make him part of the family. Saransh asks him for the medal. Rajeev wants to keep the medal with him. He lies to him. Saransh is thankful to him for saving his life. Rajeev hides from Prisha again.

Prisha takes Saransh home. She is much worried for his injury. The family thinks to postpone the marriage. Saransh tells them that Rajeev saved him from the fall. Yuvraj wants to get Saransh’s custody. He asks them not to delay the marriage, else Saransh will be feeling guilty. Yuvraj convinces the family. Rajeev gives sweets to Rudraksh and promises to share the good news with him soon. Rudraksh is happy to see Rajeev smiling after a long time. He plans to throw a huge party for Rajeev’s birthday. Rajeev wants to decorate a room for Saransh.

Saransh wants Prisha and Yuvraj’s marriage to happen soon. He dances to prove that he is fine. Rajeev tells Ahana that he is adopting a child. She refuses to take up any responsibility. He tells her that his child is his responsibility. Rudraksh gifts a watch to Rajeev with much love. Rajeev cherishes his sentiments. Yuvraj blackmails Rajeev and demands ten crores. Rajeev goes to meet him and end the blackmailing chapter. Yuvraj gets exposed. Rajeev threatens him. Yuvraj plans to kill Rajeev. Yuvraj will be killing Rajeev by plotting the car accident. The watch will lead Rudraksh to the culprit, Yuvraj.

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