YRKKH Lav Kush groom swap twist in Kaira wedding

YRKKH Lav Kush groom swap twist in Kaira wedding

YRKKH Lav Kush groom swap twist in Kaira wedding Kairav gets excited for Kartik and Naira’s marriage. Dadi hurries to get the marriage ceremony done on time. She scolds the family to make them more active. Kartik wants Dadi to be happy, after all she is the groom’s grandma. He cheers up Dadi. Kartik and Naira get excited for their marriage. Dadi wanted to keep the marriage at home. Kartik wanted to have it at the temple. Dadi wants everyone to reach on time. Kartik and Naira dance happily while wishing each other. Surekha, Suwarna and Dadi happily cry that Lav and Kush are going to arrive on Kaira wedding day. Manish and Akhilesh also get emotional, since they are going to see Lav and Kush after six years.

Surekha awaits her sons. She tells Dadi that their coming is confirmed this way. Manish is glad that Kartik got his Naira. They wish that nothing goes wrong. The food gets destroyed by the monkeys. Naksh regrets this since he had worked hard to prepare the food. Dadi also cries seeing the food spread on the floor. Naksh tells that its their ritual that something goes wrong in marriage functions. Manish asks them to take everything light and keep their spirit high. Kartik and Naira rush to the temple to get married.

Their clothes get stuck, but doesn’t get torn because of their blessings. Kartik and Naira look ahead to meet. Kartik gets delayed, while Naira reaches the temple first. A stranger arrives in Kartik’s avatar and stands with Naira as her groom. This raises a mysterious angle. The twist comes as Lav replaces Kartik as the groom, just to bring the shocker for Goenkas. Lav and Kush make the rocking entry, while teasing their favorite couple Kartik and Naira in the wedding. Kartik and Naira exchange the love vows and get married.

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Best Comment by China:
How many no of times have Kartik Naira got married in the serial. It just revolves around this. They getting married and then get separated. Again remarry.


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