Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Starplus Kulfi sets huge goals

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Starplus Kulfi sets huge goals

Kulfi Kumar Bajewalaa Starplus Kulfi sets huge goals Sittu tells Kulfi that Chalu came to meet him and told the entire matter. Kulfi gets glad that Chalu got help on time when she really needed it. She talks to Nimrat’s star and introduces Chalu to her. Chalu gets emotional. Sittu tells Kulfi that they will tackle the evil trio, Lovely, Cutie and Beauty now. Kulfi tells them that she has found Sikandar, who is locked behind the cupboard. She tells that Sikandar needs treatment, he wants their help. Chalu and Sittu feel sorry for Sikandar. Chalu wonders how will they help Sikandar. Sittu and Kulfi try to find some idea. Lovely leaves from Sikandar’s room. Kulfi spies on Lovely.

She secretly sneaks into the cupboard passage once again and meets Sikandar. She thinks just Sikandar can know his exact state and advise them to find a solution. She tells Sikandar that Sittu and Chalu are helping her. She asks him the way to cure his illness. Sikandar communicates with her just like before by winking on hearing the alphabets. She connects to him and gets to know his wish to meet Dr. Jacob Shepherd. He asks her to call the doctor. She asks how would Jacob visit him in Lovely’s presence. She goes to keep an eye on Lovely. She sees Lovely and Beauty. She somehow passes the message to Chalu that she got stuck.


Sittu and Chalu try to mislead Lovely. They distract Lovely and her aides by selling the house items. Chalu angers Lovely. Lovely scolds Chalu and asks her to put an end to her drama. Kulfi leaves but her foot gets stuck. She hides behind the bed to get saved from Lovely’s sight. Chalu tries to provoke Lovely into an argument so that Kulfi escapes. Kulfi sees Beauty and Cutie coming. Sittu helps Kulfi run away. Kulfi tells Sittu that Sikandar needs Dr. Jacob for the treatment, but he has run away because of the police complaint.

She recalls the last time she has seen him at the hospital. Lovely learns that Kulfi is finding the doctor. She overhears Kulfi’s conversation with Mohendar. She reprimands Mohendar for the daring act against her. Kulfi tells about getting Jacob’s belongings home. Lovely wonders what else is Kulfi hiding. She tries to check the parcel sent by the hospital staff. Amyra passes the parcel to Lovely. Kulfi and Chalu fight to get the parcel.

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Best Comment by Safiya:

Amyra is so dumb I wonder why she can’t help kulfi and the way she don’t have the say of her own, did she forgot how they live at that chawl like sister’s but now since her stupid mom came back she go back to her old ways at least. She should stop her mom from sending kulfi away since lovely used to listen to her word, but that dumb girl will just stand and a statue and breathing heavily without taking action, I hate when she said my dadda as if sikandar was her real father. I m seeing her fault more than anyone in dis whole thing.


  1. Wen will kulfi be happy, we need some juicy twist the show has become boring why shud amrya and loveleen and her useless mother cutie have their way always, evil shud never prevail

  2. The turn of events in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is good now with Kulfi’s Uncle Sittu coming into the scene and also bringing Chalu to continue to pose as Kulfi’s mother Nimrat.
    This has made Kulfi stronger as unity is strength and is very important to get Sikkander out of his present health condition as otherwise Kulfi could have got into a nervous breakdown as it is too much for a child of her age.
    Please help Sittu and Chalu to get Dr. Jacob Shepherd soon before Loveleen could plan any more obstacles so as to have Sikkander cured and brought back to good health.
    It is wonderful to observe that Chalu has turned over a new leaf and using her crafty tactics to do good deeds.
    In this final stage, it will be a good thing to show the powers of God and expose Loveleen for her criminal acts along with her mother Cutie & Beauty and have her sent for life imprisonment.


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