Yeh Rishta Trisha joins Goenkas Kartik Naira new task

Yeh Rishta Trisha joins Goenkas Kartik Naira new task

Yeh Rishta Trisha joins Goenkas Kartik Naira new task Kartik and Naira happily celebrate their married phase once again. The family prepares for their homecoming. Lav and Kush behave arrogant and refuse to accompany the family in the cars. They prefer to go home on their cool bikes. Kartik tells them that they should take a selfie. The entire family takes a selfie and is happy. Kartik and Naira miss their old time. They go home. Gayu tells Dadi that they will reach on time. Lav and Kush have a bike race and reach home first. They see Trisha and think if she knew their address and came to complain to their family. Kartik and Naira reach soon and meet Trisha.

The family also reaches and asks Kartik and Naira to proceed for Grahpravesh. Naira tells them that Trisha is from her ashram. Naira tells that Trisha has come to join the dance academy. She seeks Goenkas’ permission to keep Trisha home. Goenkas welcomes Kartik and Naira home. Kairav fulfills the Grahpravesh rituals. Dadi wishes they always stay happy. Dadi welcomes Lav and Kush as well. Lav and Kush feel bored by the rituals. Kartik and Naira spend quality time. They recall their happy moments.

Kairav meets them and tells that he won’t be sleeping in Vansh’s room now. He wants to sleep together with them. Kartik and Naira realize that Kairav will be with them. Kairav tells about the family’s surprise for them. He tells that he will be with Vansh until they return after their trip. Kartik and Naira learn about the honeymoon trip planned by Samarth and Gayu. Kartik and Naira get shy. Samarth and Gayu ask them not to worry for Kairav. The family wants Kartik and Naira to leave secretly until they keep Kairav busy.

They plan a game to have fun with the family. Kartik and Naira get ready. Lav and Kush agree to play the game just to keep Trisha away from their family. They don’t want Trisha to complain about them. They know that she will try to spoil their image. Kartik and Naira miss Kairav. They don’t want to leave Kairav and go. Naira tells that Gayu would feel bad if they don’t go. She prepares Kachoris snacks for Lav and Kush. Kartik and Naira leave for their honeymoon. The family asks Lav and Kush to have the Kachoris prepared by Naira just for them. Lav and Kush are lucky to get so much love from everyone in the family. They don’t value it.

They don’t eat the Kachoris and dump it. Trisha finds their weird act. Lav and Kush pretend good, but have changed a lot. Kartik and Naira enjoy their journey while reminiscing their old memories. Lav and Kush get saved this time. Lav and Kush prove out to be totally spoilt when they get are caught smoking by Kairav. They don’t like Kairav bothering them all the time. Lav and Kush’s faith on relations get less.

Kairav questions them about the smoke, but Lav lies to him about playing some interesting game. Lav tricks him easily. Kairav reports Naira about the strange incident. Trisha will be revealing Lav and Kush’s truth to Naira. Will Naira take up the new task of reforming Lav and Kush? Keep reading.

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Kundali Bhagya


  1. I want see kaira as a main lead… No can take a place of them. Please writer u should be write stories put kaira as a centre .


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